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Posted on May 31 2016

Over 20 years ago Cole Patterson decided to go where no other professional skin care specialist would go.  Although there was hardly a definite revenue stream that would justify her decision to venture into a niche that was untapped it has kept her in a league of her as the guru of men's skincare & grooming. Here Cole's story on how she corned the market of men.

My subconscious assured me the road would rewarding.  After meeting one of my first male clients NBA Atlanta Hawks Smith Smith I wanted to help athletes because I saw a need.  I dedicated my profession to specializing in skin care & grooming for men.  I became the trusted go to for men's skincare expert for athletes, entertainers, producers & executives.  My name quickly traveled across the nation acquiring players from Warriors, Clippers and entertainers Usher & Kevin Hart.  

Today other professionals are beginning to see the movement that I embraced over a decade.  Personal health companies are jumping in the niche market with their eyes closed but will soon face a huge challenge.  The instant push for men's grooming and skincare products shows the demand is present and male consumers are here to stay. I'm honored to have a track record of 100% satisfactory.  Because my celebrity clientele everyday men are requesting consistent skincare regimens to maintain youthful & healthy and they are loving Cole Skincare for Men because of the immediate results.   I've dedicated many years to of research and studying advance techniques, techniques and treatments to better serve my male clientele base.  My knowledge and expertise continue to spread throughout the industry as the Oprah Winfrey of men's skincare & grooming. 



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