How Do Black Men Get Rid of Ingrown Hairs?

January 04 2022 – Cole Patterson

Here's a little insight to prevent blemishing your skin.

Stop picking, puling & poking at your face!  I know it's difficult to see imperfections but you're damaging your skin.   

Yeah, I know a little straight to the point and direct but it's necessary.  

When a pimple appears or an ingrown hair is trapped underneath the skin it's hard not to want to dig it out or force it out. Oily skin and ingrown hairs are a few common triggers, due to the overactive oil glands and hair texture of black men regulating oily skin & preventing ingrown hairs can be troublesome.

Black men are cursed with blemishes because their skin is more prone to problematic conditions that cause hyperpigmentation because of increased amounts of melanin.  In darker skin tones/complexions melanocytes produce more melanin.  Melanin is the pigment responsible for the coloring of skin, eyes, and hair.  Hyperpigmentation is the darkening of the skin due to the increased production of melanin resulting from a post-inflammatory response to skin injury or trauma.   The aggression of razors, excessive sun exposure, or hormonal imbalances can disrupt the skin leading to discoloring of the skin and uneven complexion. 

To avoid harming your skin it's best to let the skin work its magic naturally to purge it or wait until it's ready to be extracted.  Don't dig at your skin before reading this. 

How to Properly Remove Ingrown Hairs

To properly extract ingrown hairs is a tedious process.  It's imperative that you cleanse and exfoliate the area.  After the face is cleansed & exfoliated, use steam or hot towel to help open the hair follicle and pores.  The skin should feel slightly damp/dewy and will soften to touch.   Using the pointer finger firmly place on the opposite side of the ingrown hair.  Begin pushing up and inner to release the trapped hair from the skin. DO NOT FORCE IT!   Repeat steam/hot towel.  Once it hair pops out remove it with tweezers. Grab & grip the hair with a tweezer gently pulling it down & out close to the skin to avoid snapping the hair this is to make sure not to break hair while extracting. The hair should have a bulb at the end if pulled properly.  After removal saturate cotton swab with Tea Tree Oil & apply.  

Technique for Properly Extracting Pimples

Use cleanser to wash face

Use chemical exfoliant or dry rub exfoliate to remove dead skin

Steam face or use a hot steam towel.

Gently press the outer of the pimple with your thumb.

Try massaging the pimple with your thumb.

Firmly press down and inward to release pus.  DO NOT FORCE IT!!

Try the process again the night or the next day.   

Natural Vitamins to Avoid Dark Spots 

Vitamin B12=Deficiency makes skin more sensitive to sunlight. 

Vitamin D=Promoter of melanin formation (sun rays)- Important for immunity, Calcium Absorption, & Heart Health

Vitamin C=Impedes dark spots,

Vitamin E= Inhibits the formation of melanin

Blemishes are a sign of injury or inflammation triggered by hormonal changes, environmental exposure, skin conditions, or neglect.  The darkening of the skin can such as discoloration, dark patches, or flawed marks is the condition that causes hyperpigmentation.  When the epidermis faces trauma the skin's complexion and skin tone are compromised due to it increasing the production of melanin.  Black men carry a larger amount of melanosomes, therefore, making them more susceptible to dark marks and spots.  For darker skin, the pigment allows more protection thus protecting the skin against ultraviolet radiation.  However, when injury or trauma occurs to the skin exposure to the sun can cause the increased production of melanin to the skin surface.  The skin is resilient against most conditions however adverse situations may occur when the skin is injured or under attack.  


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