All Beards Are Not Groomed Equal

Posted on March 15 2016

Is there equal opportunity for beards? Caring for your beard is an individual preference. Ask influencer, Shawn Suggs the man who wears the well-sculpted beard.   A man’s face shape is the most important factor to sculpting the perfect beard. The length of his beard is an individual preference taking into consideration the shape that best compliment his facial features.  Determining if growing a beard will fit your lifestyle requires a commitment to change. The process to growing a beard can be quite tedious. From the itchy five o’clock shadow to untamable strains of hair grooming your beard takes time and patience. Share your beard originality and techniques.  



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  • Kevin: October 27, 2016

    I recently shaved my beard to start over fresh. I have been doing some research on grooming and various skin care practices and decided to start new. I have very oily skin and looking to control this and also buy the necessary beard products. Any suggestions?

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