Posted on October 08 2017

 Beard Game


Beards are unique to its owner.  It's All About Beard:  Beards have become such a huge trend it has created a niche community of beards all over the world. Men are proudly reclaiming ownership of their facial hair.  Beards are the extension of a man’s confidence needless to say beards have become part of its owner’s unique personality.   

When a man decides to grow a beard he has committed to the growth process long term which can be a nuisance however this defines self love in a way men don't usually show in my eyes.”  Cole Patterson Skincare/Male Grooming Expert 

Although beards have a personality of its own men have grown attached to the ego booster as much as women have become attracted to playing in the hairs of a man’s beard.  Yet It can be devastating for men when it comes to loosing their hair as early as late 20’s early 30’s yet the beard trend has made it easier for men to accept their bald heads with pride. Instead of holding on to a few strands of hair men gained a new found obsession “the beard.” The trend of the beards have revived the hopes of many bald men to take pride in newly niche community even so the Millennials are taking notice awaiting for their opportunity to sprout hairs from their face.

Who wears it better?  Men are competing with their peers to show off beards so much blogs of social media post have dedicated a brand of beards to display the trends of beard all over the gram.  Yet, the classic beard seems to win overall the full beard elongates the face and fits well on a rounded face it’s always a good fit for men most but men with smaller heads and longer faces should consider another style of beard to compliment his face. A great beard uniquely contours the face, defines lines and edges that accentuates the face. One should consider facial structure and hair growth when choosing a beard fit.

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