Bump Free Shaving Tips

Posted on January 18 2017

How to prevent ingrown hairs and skin irritation.

To have a bump free shave free of ingrown hairs and skin irritation men must use quality grooming products that are skin friendly, do proper pre-shave preparation and use a sharp but gentle razor.

Men are requiring special attention to their skin because they want to look their absolute best at all times.  

Shaving is one of the daily necessities in a man's routine.  Men have always taken shaving seriously even as boys with their first peak of facial hair.  However, the entrance of the metro man demands a little more attention when it comes to shaving and their grooming needs.  

Here is a list of shaving tips that will help men prevent skin problems such as ingrown hair, razor burn and facial masking. 

  1. Make sure to use quality shaving and skin care products

Using high concentrated skin care that are hydrating and helps retain the skin's natural moisture prevents the skin from drying.  A rich lubricant helps reduce the chances of scrapping the skin and will glide the razor more smoothly for less irritation and fewer nicks.   Using convenient brands such as Dove Men and Kiehls for daily skin care may give you good results for your daily skin care needs but using an advanced skin care products that cater to both a man's shaving needs and skin care needs are more effective when it comes to looking your absolute best.  

  1. A proper pre shave preparation

If you are a victim of irritation and ingrown hairs, it is important that you take your time and plan your shave to prepare properly.   Use a warm/hot towel to open the pores and the base of the hair follicle.  Apply preshave oil to soften the surface hair.  Lastly apply the shaving cleanser, facial bar or shaving cream to help facilitate the glide of the razor.  This is an important step to ensure that you get a smooth and comfortable shave, where ingrown hair, irritation and razor burns are avoided.  Celebrity Groomer & Skincare Expert recommends grooming products that are multi-functional that caters to a man's shaving and skin care needs.  Check out Skin Inc article "A Better Way To Shave" for more tips on shaving.  

  1. A great razor is easy to find

Finding the right razor is the most important to a smooth and perfect shave.  Never use dull razors or old razors the friction or continuous overlapping damages the skin. Changing the razor often helps prevent skin irritation and infection to the skin.  Dirty razors should never be used on the face and should be discarded.  The type of blade depends on your facial hair, the growth directions and the texture of your facial hair.  Regardless of the type or texture of your facial hair shave with the direction of the hair growth.  Starting below the chin is best because it takes the most time is and toughest area, jaw, cheeks, chin and above lip follow thereafter.  

After the shave make sure you rinse the face using throughly with cool water to close the pores.  

Cole Patterson Skin Care Specialist/Groomer Expert owner of works with behind the scenes in the film and television industry with some of Hollywoods most famous men on the big screen.  Her name has rolled in the credits of HBO "Ballers", HBO 
"Insure" and BET "Being Mary Jane" just to name a few.  For more tips on shaving, skincare and grooming please feel free to email 

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