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Fatherhood is great. But becoming a father brings along its own set of responsibilities. If you are a father, I’m sure you would know what I mean. It not only means that you have to shoulder the responsibility of taking care of a toddler at the home along with your partner, but it also means that you will now have less time for yourself. It also means that you will have no time to look after your health, because you will be already stuffed with the responsibilities of taking care of the family, community and business all at the same time.

But, wait – all this was a thing of the past! Gone are the days when becoming a dad meant that life is now going to change forever, and you are not going to have a life of your own.

A modern day dad knows what it takes to balance all this and still find time to keep himself good physical and mental shape. Today’s dad has become a brand. Take a look on the intent and you will find plenty of stuff that exclaims modern day dad’s to be the sexiest thing on earth now days! Unlike the past, when becoming a father meant end of that period of being attractive for men!

What makes them sexy?

There is plethora of reasons that put dads as the sexiest thing on this planet. First of all, becoming a father brings a change in the lifestyle. It makes the person more caring and affectionate. And women find that thing sexy. After all, who would not want to get a partner whom they can take to family parties and dine together?

Dads are funny. In fact, there is nothing funnier than a man trying to make their kids happy. According to one of the online blogs about modern day dads with their dad bods,”the man with the dad bod goes to the gym, but he also pigs out on pizza. He drinks protein shakes, but isn’t above a platter of wings. His mere physical presence suggests cuddling and unpretentiousness.”

But the most prominent difference that has come between the lifestyle of a modern day dad and a dad of the past is the way today’s men choose to spare some time on their grooming even though they are pre-occupied with so many other things.

Whether it is being in physically good shape or taking care of their skin, today’s dad knows that it is equally important to strike the right balance between all this! And, this is what makes him sexy.

If you are a dad, and you think that life has become slow and one-directional after becoming a father, then it is time to think beyond it. Go ahead with everything you want to achieve, while keeping the right balance between your parenthood and your choices. There are plenty of inspiration articles and information available out there for help.

Don’t let anything deter you – after all Being a dad is the new sexy. So, won’t you want to be part of this revolution?


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