Posted on November 26 2017

Skin tips for the holidays, Christmas


Struggling to make adjustments of the time set back is not as easy.  Back to back festivities Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years Eve can be stressful.    Although we look forward to celebrating this time of the year it can be overwhelming.  Trying to accommodate all the things required during the holiday season the skin is the one thing that suffers the most.   Maintaining youthful skin should be a priority to both men and women.  Neglecting your skin for 3 months can cause major set backs and should not be taken lightly such as not getting enough sleep, unhealthy eating and climate change can cause premature aging.   During the winter season is when the skin needs a little more than the basics.  

Your sleep isn’t the only thing that  is depleted from the time change, your skin also battles with the change as well.  How to keep your skin on track during shorter days and longer nights?  Limited gilt free food options are far and between each house you visit. Maintaining a healthy diet for 3 months may require some advance planning. Traveling can take a toll on the skin causing severe dehydration and fatigue skin. 

Here are some Holiday Skin Savers:

Rest at least 8-10 daily.
Plan 3 day cleanse or Colonic
Drink plenty of water
Switch to more advance skincare products
Close your eyes Meditate throughout the day for 5 minutes.

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