Posted on November 07 2017

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Men don’t have to worry about all the things women do when it comes to skincare but it's necessary.  Of course manly men usually steer away from primping in the mirror for an enormous amount of time however men should show interest in their personal care beyond their hygiene and shaving.  For many years it’s been a stigma that men not concern themselves with cleansers, exfoliates, facial masks and moisturizers because it has been mainly geared toward women.  Macho men have always put their strength, power and roughness at the forefront yet a man who takes the extra time to care for his skin is extremely attractive. 

Today men are paying close attention to the way they look.  Needless to say macho men are stepping into their own niche of masculine skin care that caters to their specific concern for manly care.  Manliness remains to be part of a man's appearance quickly trending from metro to masculine.  Unlike the manly man, metro sexual men are particularly more concerned with the details of a more complete skincare regimen.  

Without compromising macho men have leaped into the beard trend with excitement.  The beard trend has started it's own niche allowing men to incorporate skincare while maintaining their masculinity.   Macho men are enjoying the looks of their sculpted beards and immaculate face taking control of their facial hairs turning scruffiness into a trend of custom beards.  Even the metro man has roughened things up a bit as well adding their own signature to the beard trend.  It’s safe to he bearded man is the new and improved of Macho.

Macho men have turned the tables and their stance of brawniest has encourage many metro men to jump back into their manly power of facial hair.  Although macho men are leaning toward better grooming habits they are definitely keeping their roughness in tact with the stylistic shapes, trims and cuts of their beards.  To meet in the middle between macho men and metro sexual men having the option of multifunctional products will keep skincare simple for both group of men.  Men are going in head first therefore guiding them to the right choice to fulfill a man's  grooming regimen including his beard.

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