Men's Skin Care the Cole Way

Posted on April 13 2017

You might ask, what is the Cole way? When it comes to men’s skin care Cole has taken simplicity to another level. Because men have created their own niche market in the beauty and cosmetic industry large companies are not quite sure what to do and what to offer the niche of men that are seeking grooming and skin care products. Therefore personal care companies are offering a plethora of products. In such case most men will grab the basis such as a body wash, deodorant and lotion because their not sure what they need when it comes to their skin care needs. Although the basis is a great start but for ageless and vibrant skin it’s just not enough. I Cole has combined an all in one solution for men to lessen the confusion. Multi-functional products that can eliminate extra steps is a great way to keep it simple and easy. The expert behind the Cole Skin Care for Men brand addresses a man’s skin type, texture and tone. Since most men skin care issues are usually due to their routine shaving regimen or improver shaving its idea to use products that addresses a man’s grooming needs and skin care concerns.

A general skin care regimen consist of:

Eye Treatment
Mask (optional)

There are 6-8 product items and nearly 3-5 steps in a daily basis skin care regimen to maintain health blemish-free skin. The Cole way offers 3 advance skin care products to eliminate multiple steps. In just one product you can achieve better looking skin. The multi-functional product line caters to a man’s shaving needs and addresses his skin care concerns.

3-in-1 Foaming Cleanser- Used as a cleanses and/or shaving foam. It cleanses, exfoliants & hydrates.
Facial Towelettes- Tone, Hydrates, Anti-bacterial, & Soothes the skin post shave.
Moisture Balm- Hydrates skin, Post Shave solution, Night Serum & Eye Treatment.

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