Posted on October 08 2017

Robert Christopher Riley


There’s no pretending when CW Dynasty’s actor Robert Christopher Riley shares why Cole Skincare for Men drew him to become a brand advocate. Robert enjoys using the 3-in-1 Foaming Cleanser and the activated charcoal sponge as part of his daily grooming regimen.  Being a series regular on the new Dynasty Robert has to shave daily for his role to maintain his character.  Cole Skincare for Men helps get rid of extreme masking from the blade scrapping the skin and prevent ingrown hairs. The 3-in-1 and charcoal sponge keep Robert’s skin radiant for his camera ready appearance.

Busy men like Robert may need a little more to prevent the skin from becoming dehydrated tired and fatigue due to flying such as the Facial Towelettes that are great for traveling and on the go. Robert expresses his view about male grooming and what it means to him when it comes to taking care of his skin and maintaining his handsomeness.

Other than being one of Hollywood’s most handsome and talented actor. Robert is committed to being Man Enough in every aspect of his life because of his continuous efforts to help others it’s no surprise why he’s receiving an abundant success. His charitable contributions spread all the way to his native country Barbados to help unite all people culturally. The Man Enough campaign explores the uniqueness of a man’s character and their individuality.

Cole Skincare for Men “Man Enough” campaign is to encourage men to define their idea man enough reshaping societal standards and making their own rules of what being Man Enough is to them. As side from being tall and handsome there was something magnificent about Robert that was intriguing his spirit is welcoming and his presence is solid with the manly confidence that’s not seen often. We couldn’t ask for more value man to stand behind the brand than yours truly Robert Christopher Riley.

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