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Why Men Need More:  The complexity of a man’s skin requires more attention due to his grooming routine.  Using advanced multi-functional skin care products are more beneficial than using one product that target one problem at a time. 


Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus. Really!

According to their skin care needs, it may seem men and women are from two different planets. On a daily basis, a woman requires more products than men because of their beauty specifics and women are accustomed to using multiple products and steps. Men on the other hands are accustomed to simple, quick and easy to use.


The real reasons men need more . . . . .

Without blabbering too much, let’s just get to the point. Yes, men need more in their skin care products compared to their female counterparts. Yes, they need a separate skincare regimen for three basic reasons.

Let us take a look at what those four basic things are –

1. Thick skin, more action 

One of the most basic reasons why men need a separate skin care regimen as compared to women is because of the fact that their skin is thicker than women. Owing to the more volume of collagen and elastin proteins, a man’s skin is 20-30% thicker than their female counterparts. While there are added benefits of this increased volume of proteins like staying hydrated for longer duration and better protection against UV radiations, but that also means the skincare requirements are pretty different.


2. Hormonal play 

Another important reason why men’s skincare routine is bound to be different from women is the basic fact that men are from mars and women are from Venus. No, not really! Well, it’s purely because of the hormonal difference. The male hormone testosterone is responsible for the oiliness of skin, and this hormone is found
massively in men. This oily skin brings along with it a number of other skin problems. So you need a moisturizer, cleanser and a face wash that can take care of these problems, which you cannot get with a skincare product for women.

3. To stay safe from cancer 

Yes, you do need to worry about it! By being careless with your skincare needs, you are actually inviting serious problems, which can be as serious as melanomas. Studies have shown that men are at a far more risk ofmelanomas as compared to women. In order to stay safe from this deadly disease it becomes imperative that you start paying heed to a good skin care routine, rather than using the products of your partner and thinking ‘it’s alright.’ No it’s not all right at all!


But that’s not it – there’s another reason that might prompt you to change your skincare routine as a man. And, that reason is – women find men with a healthy skin color to be more attractive than men who have a more masculine face. So in short, having a healthy skin is way better to boost your chances of wooing a girl than to sweat it out in the sun to get a masculine look. 


So it is quite evident from the above mentioned points that you need to be careful about choosing what you are using on your skin as a man. After all, not only will it impact your skin’s health, but at the same it is going to impact the way women out there look at you. In order to be that attractive guy who turns heads around when he steps, it is time for you to go ahead and find some useful skincare products that are in accordance to the tough and hard men’s skin.

Or else, just keep wondering where are all the good chicks gone!


Posted on June 13 2017


‘Skin care is for woman!’

‘Men are tough; they don’t need to skin creams.’

‘A man does not need skin care.’

There was a time, when such statements were supposed to be manly and prevalent in the market. But, gone are the days now. People have come to realize that men’s skin care is utmost important, considering the fact that it goes through such harsh treatment on a daily basis.

Harsh treatments the skin go through Well, let us take a look –

The trimmer/shaving blades battle

Did you know that shaving actually weakens the moisture barrier of the skin, thereby adding up to the dryness? It also makes the skin susceptible to irritation?  From the very 1st day, young men experience peach fuzz and their grooming routine starts with the razor, clippers or blades as a man’s skin is in an upward battle with maintaining good, blemish free skin. 

Blame on nature

Men’s skin is different from their female counterparts – this is because of the male hormone testosterone and they produce more sebum (oils) therefore, men are more prone to skin problems such as acne, large pores, ingrown hairs, and blackheads compared to women. With the birth of a man-child, the need for a stringent skin care routine is born when his first hair sprouts from his face. 

Men’s skin is different and thicker

Science has shown that men’s skin is more than 25-30% thicker as compared to that of women. This also means that the regular products, which are developed for women skin care, are of no use on men’s skin and hence they need something which has been created specifically to cater the needs of their tough skin.

So, there you have some of the common reasons as to why a man needs strict skin care regime to keep his skin glowing and healthy.

While there was a time when men’s skin care was a highly neglected area, but times have changed now. The modern day metrosexual man knows that in order to look good and feel good, he needs to take good care of his skin.

This is the reason why we can see the rise of multi-million dollar industry based on skincare products for men. There has been, at the same time, rise of marketplaces like Cole Skin Care for Men, which bring forward the finest men’s skin care product all under one roof so that you don’t have to rush everywhere in search for these products.

Times have changed and so should you. If you are a believer that men don’t need skin care, try using the products once, you will get to see the difference and will come to realize that you were living in a world of fallacies!


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