Posted on December 18 2017

Winter, Skin care, Grooming Tips

Flaky, itchy and dull looking skin sounds familiar? During the winter months climate change can suck all the moisture out the skin. Switching a few products or incorporating a hydrating serums with help the skin compensate for it’s lost of moisture. In addition to a few minor adjustments avoid over exfoliating to cause irritation and sensitivity. It’s very common to have two different skincare regimens one for the summer/spring and another for fall/winter. Switching products periodically will keep the skin looking its best. aAlthough drinking water and steaming the face helps maintain hydration during the winter it isn’t enough. Here are a few winter tips to prevent itchy and flaky skin during the winter months.

Wash face only at night
Exfoliate every 2 weeks at night only after cleansing.
Use hot steam towel in morning
After steam use olive oil or coconut oil to lock in moisture.
Adjust the temperature at night on your heating system.

Extreme dryness is common during the winter months because artificial heating systems are pulls the moisture out of the skin. The heating system are not favorable to the skin but they keep us warm. Running a humidifier while heat is on day and night will also help avoid drying out the skin and body. Remember to body is part of your skin too and should be handled with the same care as your face. 


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