Black Men Matter Initiative Health Panel - Prostate Cancer Awareness


In recognition of Prostate Awareness Month Cole Skincare for Men "Black Men Matter Initiative" brings awareness to men's health and wellness for black men.  

Black Men Matter Initiative Panel addressing health disparities in the black communities and within the black families.  Our panelists Dolvett Quince-Fitness Trainer & Life Coach, Prostate Cancer Survivor Brian Custer-Sports Broadcaster, and Dr. Corey Hébert, M.D.  moderated by Cole Patterson will provide resource and information to bring awareness to black men & the importance of prostate health.  

WHEN:   Sunday, September 27, 2020 at 1:30 PM (PST)

WHAT:    Panel discussion about men's health addressing prostate cancer 

WHO:    Moderator:  Cole Patterson, Educator/Owner of Cole Skincare

Panelists:  Celebrity Fitness Trainer/Life Coach Dolvett Quince,  Prostate        Survivor/ Sports Broadcaster Brian Custer, &  Dr. Corey Hébert 

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According to the American Cancer Society black men are at higher risk of colon cancer and prostate cancer than white men.  The shocking death of Chadwick Boseman lost his fight against colon cancer diagnosed 4 years ago.  Cole Skincare for Men "Black Men Matter initiative" is to bring awareness to early detection, preventive care and treatment therapy to help save black men.  Research has shown that black men are at higher risk of dying from the disease than any other race.  

Although the number of cases are high for colon cancer they are just as high for prostate cancer in leading cases of black men diagnosed with colon cancer and prostate cancer.  Black men are dying at alarming rates.  

People believe cancer does not discriminate or do it?  Then, why is it that black men are dying of low grade prostate cancer more rapidly than other  white men?      

Studies show that black men are more likely to develop prostate cancer due to social factors, lack of quality care, inherited genetics.   Between 1 out of 6 black men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer.  Why?  It is said to believe that black men are not well informed about preventive care and treatment therapy regarding their prostate health.    

Prostate cancer and colon cancer are hidden killers of black men.  Our continuous effort to care for black men, Cole Skincare for Men takes the initiative to address matters that effect black men in American.  

Concluding Black Men Matter Initiative Health Panel for Prostate Awareness our panelists will highlight tips and guides to improve the quality of life and promote health and wellness.  

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Cole Skincare for Men "Black Men Matter Health Initiative campaigns to bring awareness to Men's Health and Wellness for the mind, body, and soul.