Posted on September 17 2017

 Shaving Tips

Young boys are introduced to shaving when hanging out with their father's in the bathroom watching their dad's apply shaving cream, glide the razor up and down his face, splash water to remove shaving cream residue and pouring an alcohol base solution for final touches.  Boys follow in their dad's footsteps and tend to jump at the opportunity to shave with the first signs of peach fuzz.   Because boys watch their dads closing they are eager to get started right away without any real knowledge or hands on experience.  At the beginning of puberty boys tend to shave everyday to speed things up a bit because of the belief that the hair will grow back thicker.   Therefore with daily practice on softer, light and finer hair they may feel like they have things under control until they get older.   Although father’s are the forefront leaders for their son’s young men will copy the habits of his father when it comes to hygiene and maintaining a well groomed image.  Today the simplicity of things have expanded from the generational rituals of grandfather's and father's when it comes to shaving. 

Men today are more savvy when it comes to their image they access to more options for male grooming products than their father’s or grandfather’s therefore to achieve a better shave isn’t as time consuming as it has been in the past.  Men are visiting their barbers regularly to keep them well groomed.   Although men are visiting professionals to help with their image some men are looking for innovative ways to DIY therefore multi action face wash and men shaving products are on a rise to help men maintain similar shave of their friendly neighborhood barber.

How To Get The Best Shave 

  1. Choose a Shaving Foam or Cleanser that’s multifunctional. 
  2. Gently press warm water into skin. 
  3. Rub Shaving Foam directly on face or if using cleanser dilute with water then rub on face. 
  4. Use a single blade safety razor to remove hair. 
  5. Once hair is removed splash warm water to face 
  6. Apply a nickel size amount of Olive Oil to shaved area
  7. Use hot steam towel 
  8. Repeat shave using a different single blade razor gently go over the shaved area. 
  9. Final Step use cold water and/or ice cubes 

Choosing a multifunctional cleanser offer optimum benefits for the skin when shaving it not only cleanses, exfoliates but it helps facilitate the glide of the razor to avoid skin irritation, reduce cuts or nicks and protects the skin from abrasive friction, it also softens the hair follicle to make it easier for the razor to cut without pressing hard, and maintains the skin’s PH balance which is ideal to avoid overworking the sebaceous glands.  Following the above steps will give you the best shave ever. For most men this may appear to be a lot of steps but once you see the difference in your skin you’ll enjoy your shave experience a lot more.  Check out Skin Inc Article "A Better Way To Shave" 

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  • Neferteri Plessy: September 18, 2017

    Great tips on shaving.

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