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Usher's #1 Skin Care Secret

"Cole is my skin care secret and the reason why I stay looking youthful. She's the best, 20 years strong!"

- Usher Raymond

Rob Riley

Celebrity Actor

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George Wilson

Former NFL Safety

Meet Cole. Your Personal Skincare Expert.

For over 20 years, Cole Patterson has been the premier make up artist and skincare specialist for actors, artists, and athletes. Her specially formulated skincare regimens have helped her clients looking the best whether they're in front of a camera or on stage.


What's Your Skin Type?

Most men have oily skin yet, not all skin is considered oily.  A man's skin varies due to several factors, mainly genetics, lifestyle, and diet.   A man's skin is at least 25% thicker than a woman's skin because their skin produces more oil therefore its texture is more complex.  Although a man's skin is thicker than a woman's skin its more sensitive due to their daily shaving regimen and active hormones.  Click below to find the right skincare system for your skin type and solution for your concerns.   

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