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Cole Skincare for Men is an all in one solution tailored for black men to deliver you the best results. Our collection is quintessential for the confident, conscious and connoisseur of style.

Cole understands you don’t just want to look good; you want to feel good in your skin-and being your best starts with choosing Cole Skincare for Men.

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Our Brand Advocates are not paid, they actually use Cole Skincare for Men because it works! Artists, actors, and athletes count on Cole's signature brand for pristine skin and their immaculate appearance. This isn’t your off the shelf skincare products line. Cole Skincare for Men is formulated to address the complexity of black men skin and accommodate the melanin rich skin tones. Straightforward, smart, and superior skincare that goes beyond the surface and above the rest. Haven’t found skincare products that work for you? You just did!

Due to the higher levels of melanin found in the epidermis of black men skin there is a physiological difference that affect the dermal function of darker skin. When melanin rich skin is not properly cared for issues may occur threatening the skin barrier resulting in skin tissue and cell damage causing premature aging.

Most skin problems black men have are caused by improper care and neglect. To understand a little about why the majority of black men deal with the troubles of oily skin such as greasy, shinny, or even inflammation in here’s why:   Black men produce a higher level of DTH ((male hormones) triggering the sebaceous glands to increase more sebum (the sticky oil) resulting in common issues such as breakouts, blemishes, and blackheads. 

On the left is an oily skin inflamed with breakouts.  Just 1 day after using the Multi Action Cleansing Foam you see the inflammation lessen and the breakouts are beginning to heal.

Using the right products can help prevent problematic issues black men face with their skin such as seborrhea, folliculitis, hyperpigmentation, and atopic dermatitis.

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