The Expert Behind The Brand

Cole Patterson

The #1 men's grooming expert and skincare professional in the beauty industry, Cole is accredited for her most recent works with longtime client Usher 25th Anniversary Edition of 'My Way'. Cole's most reputable work is on magazine covers Billboard, Nylon, Vogue, Men's Health, Vanity Fair, GQ Magazines just to name a few. Her contribution to the Film & Television industry as a makeup artist on hit television shows has gain recognition for Emmy nominations.

Cole is an accomplished and highly regarded professional in the beauty and skincare industry, with a focus on men's grooming and skincare. Her work with high-profile clients and publications speaks to her expertise and skill in the field. Additionally, her emphasis on promoting the importance of skincare and preventative care for black men through her brand, Cole Skincare for Men, highlights her commitment to inclusivity and diversity in the industry. It's great to see professionals like Cole using their platform to promote important messages and make a positive impact.

With black men at the forefront of her signature brand, Cole Skincare for Men is a platform to promote positive messaging to celebrate black men.

Black Owned Skincare Brand Created by Celebrity Makeup Artist & Mens's Grooming Expert

A Word from Cole, the Woman in Front of it All! 

I started Cole Skincare for Men based on principle, purpose and premise:  

Black men deserve quality products to meet the unique needs of their skin.

"Working behind the scenes with black men it bothered me that they were being overlooked and underserved when it came to their skin. Untrained makeup artist continued to recommend products that did not properly address the concerns black men had with their skin. Being a licensed professional I was committed to fill the void and help black men learn more about their skin and how to properly care for their skin type."

"As a licensed  professional I've had the opportunity to train with dermatologists, plastic surgeons, wellness professionals and holistic healers to gain extensive knowledge as an expert specializing in melanin skin.  Being responsible for top entertainers, professional athletes, and celebrity clients personal image it is important that I stay ahead of the technique, trends, and tools in the beauty & personal care space."

Cole Patterson, Owner of Cole Skincare for Men

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