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The Brand  

Stay Camera Ready, Cole Skincare for Men wants to keep you looking and feeling like a Rock Star!  Our primary goal is to provide the best skin care product that's suitable for the physiology of a man's skin.  Our mission is to be the leading lifestyle brand for men known worldwide.  The lifestyle brand is tailored specifically for men to represent the mechanical nature of his character.  

Cole Skincare for Men is a Boutique Company based in Los Angeles, California created, managed, and operated by women.  Cole Skincare for Men uses quality ingredients and the latest technology to formulate premium skin care products to deliver immediate results.   By, integrating active ingredients combined with natural extracts, fruit acids, enzymes, and essential oils, Cole Skincare for Men proven results are incomparable to its competitors.  The Cole Skincare for Men team is dedicated to providing products with maximum benefits and minimum steps. 

 Behind the Brand

Cole Patterson is a recognized expert in the skin care and beauty industry, her influence is well respected by professionals throughout the industry.  Cole's obsession with the health and wellness of skin and its appearance lead her to create Cole Skincare for Men.  Encouraged by her confident and business partner after countless meetings researching and discussing ideas to develop the perfect line of products for men, Neferteri Plessy took the lead to capitalize on Cole's aesthetics background and celebrity to create a buzz in Hollywood.  Driven by dedication, passion and commitment the women continue to break ground with conceptualizing Cole Skincare for Men brand ethos.   

The conception of Cole Skincare for Men began Behind the Scenes while working as a makeup artist/groomer she noticed the limited options available for men to clean, maintain and treat their skin.  Frustrated by the lack of knowledge and concern in the realm of skincare, Cole stepped up and set out to meet the demands of the underserved and overlooked niche of men to address their skincare and grooming needs.  Her many years of experience as a skincare professional contributed to her reputable success working in the entertainment industry as a celebrity makeup artist.  

"Of course men want to look their absolute best and have impeccable skin but they want products that are gender-specific and represent them....I believe the ideal skincare products naturally fits a man's spirit and fulfills his soul." 

Cole's philosophy behind the signature line is to "Keep It Simple."    

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