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Cole Skincare for Men, Skin Care


Brand Ethos  

By all means, greatness is achieved by the challenges we face physically, spiritually and psychologically. With dedication and commitment all things are possible.  ` Being the best you elevates you upward and moves you onward in all areas of life.  
A man's character is measured by his contribution to society for the betterment of humanity.   
Our brand embodies the originality, individuality, and personality of ManKind.  We believe in celebrating his greatness and honoring his legacy.  

Behind the Scenes 

Stay Camera Ready, Cole Skincare for Men will keep you looking and feeling like a Rock Star!  Our primary goal is to provide the best skin care product that's suitable for the physiology of a man's skin.  Our mission is to be the leading luxury skin care brand for men known worldwide.  Cole Skincare for Men is tailored specifically for men to accommodate their mechanical nature and represent a man's character.  

 Cole Skincare for Men began Behind the Scenes while working as a makeup artist/groomer she noticed the limited options available for black men to clean, maintain and treat their skin.  Frustrated by the lack of knowledge and concern for men of color both behind the scenes and in the in the realm of skincare.  Cole stepped up and set out to meet the demands of the underserved and overlooked niche of men to address their skincare and grooming needs.  Her many years of experience as a skincare professional contributed to her reputable success working in the entertainment industry as a celebrity makeup artist.  

Cole's philosophy behind the signature line is to "Keep It Simple."    

 The Expert Behind the Brand

When it comes to lastLooks Hollywood’s leading men depend on no other than #1 men's grooming expert Cole Patterson for their on-camera appearance.  Making a name for herself, the self-taught makeup artist gained recogition behind the scenes for her seamless blending and flawless application.  Honing her signature throughout the industry, Cole established herself as the go-to beauty expert for men’s grooming, skincare and natural makeup.  She has graced some of Hollywood's most famous celebrities in the entertainment industry, including but not limited to multi-platinum artists, film/television actors, and professional athletes.  Her work can be seen on hit shows such as The Voice, Insecure, Ballers and Blackish and has been featured in Vogue, Glamor, GQ, Men’s Health, Vanity Fair and red carpet.  Cole currently works with Usher as his personal groomer & skin specialist.  She has also worked with such artists and actors such as Chris Brown, Michael Ealy, Larenz Tate, Robert Christopher Riley, Brand Advocate Anthony Anderson, Omari Hardwick, Jay Ellis, and the list goes on. . .    Her most recent collaboration as department head makeup of Hulu Grownish, HBO A Black Lady Sketch Show, & Netflix Mr. Iglesias.  

The Beauty Behind the Brand
Professional model and media personality Neferteri Plessy is more than the girl next door she's a face to be recokened with.  The 5'9 model featured in sports magazines, commericials, and fashion shows captured the beauty industry with her sex appeal.  Starting her career in front of the camera she has been seen both nationally and internationally in ads for Target, Apple, Betsy Johnson, Delta, and Playmate for Playboy.  Her pretty face may have got her in the door but her determination positioned Neferteri as a triple threat, beauty, brains and business is what solidified her beyond her looks.  Neferteri Plessy transition from beauty to business has paid off creating partnerships that separate her signature style of marketing from other marketing companies.  Neferteri Plessy, chief of marketing for Cole Skincare for Men introduces multifaceted campaigns that identifies Cole Skincare for Men brand concept and influential lifestyle.  Through strategic planning, logistic approach, and marketing mix positions our brand ethos to speak men in a fashionable style and represent a diverse platform.   Neferteri's background in sales is a valuable contribution to the success of marketing and advertising campaigns for brand awareness and global recognition.  

When it comes to Cole Skincare for Men brand messaging Cole and Neferteri remain hands on dedicating endless time and effort to position the skincare line as the #1 choice for men's personal care and grooming needs.  As we continue to meet the demands of our consumers and gain the trust of potential customers we will provide superior products to serve all man kind.  Exploring new trends, testing new ingredients, developing new formulas Cole Skincare for Men to accomodate our growth and satifiy the needs of our community.  


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