The Lifestyle Brand

Cole Skincare for Men is the quintessential "Lifestyle" brand for Black Men. Brand Owner Cole Patterson is devoted to visualizing the presence of black men and strengthening their voices through authentic roles fatherhood, friendship, or faternity. The "Man Enough" campaign aims to honor the masculine being of men of melanated skin.

Cole Skincare for Men promotes self care with skin care. Our goal is to raise awareness to essential elements of self care for black men. Mentally, physically, and spirtually well being and total body wellness is impertative to life a quality of life. The "Black Men Matter Health Initiative" seeks to fill the gap between mental health and mental well being.

Our Lifestyle Page is an opportunity to grow your reach and expand personal brand. Cole Skincare for Men Lifestyle Brand would like to share your story. The importance of building a community that helps us thrive together create long lasting relationships to keep us active, elevated and happy to live the best lives we can.

Become our "Man Enough" Lifestyle Feature Advocate share your routine on how you establish balance in your life. Contact Us

Cole Skincare for Men launch Man Enough Initiative as a pillar of self care for black men and their sons to gain information about skincare, grooming, and total body wellness campaign to focus on lifestyle for black men.  Staying active and being active is extremely important for yourself and your children.  Connecting with our community give you access to resources beyond skincare including mental health.  

In honor of black men we celebrate you, we salute you and we champion you for all that you are.   Give your children the tools to build confidence and character start them early with practices of self care.