What Black Men Need to Know to Get Clear Skin?

August 02 2022 – Cole Patterson

Let's face it!  Today skincare products for black men are not hard to come by yet the right skincare for black men to get great skin is.  Every black man wants clear skin however black men need skincare that addresses their skin type as well as their skin condition.  Most black men usually have oily skin or combination thus causing breakouts, blemishes, and blackheads.  Not to mention the troubles of ingrown hairs, razor bumps, and hyper-pigmentation are common issues black men face with their skin.  Knowing what to do to get clear skin can save you time and money.  No need to waste I'm here to give you the answers you need to know to clear things up.  

Today more black men want to know how they can have clear skin and what steps they need to take to achieve their wants.  Until now having clear skin was a challenge because the problematic issues black men face with oily skin never seemed to let up causing major damage to the skin such as dark spots and bumps.  

Although cleansing daily and exfoliating regularly are practical ways for healthy skin it's not enough to guarantee great skin.  In theory, having clear skin is a matter of discipline, measurable steps, and using the right skincare products formulated for black men.  Maintaining an impeccable appearance and a pristine image starts with your commitment to better skin health. 

Here are a few tips you need to know from your men’s skincare expert Cole Skincare for Men. 

Managing Oily Skin 

Maintaining clear skin starts with managing oil production.  Oily skin types struggle with having clear skin because there’s an overproduction of oil making the skin appear shiny and feel greasy.  The troubles of oily skin types can cause breakouts, blemishes, and blackheads when it is not addressed or managed correctly.  Using products to help regulate oil production without drying the skin will stabilize the skin to prevent skin conditions such as acne, enlarged pores, or folliculitis.  Stay away from products that are drying and/or over dry your skin this will not help your skin it will damage it.  Oily skin means the skin's pH is more acidic therefore choosing cleansers and products that are more causing than normal have a high level of products that have a balanced pH will help stabilize and manage oily skin.  Our Dual Purpose Hydrating Gel is for all skin types but is ideal for oily skin because its ingredients help to maintain the skin's optimal pH level.  

Oily skin is extremely sensitive therefore, booking an appointment to speak with a licensed professional or expert to address your concerns right away is highly recommended.  

Do Not Pop Pimples. 

Regardless of what you think after watching YouTube or reading How To’s do not pop, poke, pull, or pinch your skin and/or face to remove pimples, bumps, or ingrown hairs.  Removing unwanted oils, hairs, dirt, or debris might seem easy to ooze it out but please avoid DIY it will save your face from trauma.  You might see it appear ready and think to yourself I'll give it a little help it won't hurt.  Then yikes the bump is gone but you’re left with a bruise that then turns into a dark spot that takes months and sometimes years to fade away.   Your new dark spot is a reminder that your epidermis experiences trauma smh the acts of an aggressive finger will cause hyperpigmentation.  To avoid any more mishaps please do not get into the habit of taking matters into your own hands seek skill and professionals to remove unwanted hairs, embedded dirt, or pimples from your pores because without the direction and guidance from your esthetician or trained skincare expert things can get out of hand, literally.  

Always Protect Your Skin 

I’m speaking about protecting your skin from tools and improper techniques, not UV Rays.  I’ll address sunscreen in another blog but this is strictly for protective preparation for shaving to avoid ingrown hairs, razor bumps, and scarring.  After cleansing and exfoliating you must prep your skin before shaving to protect the skin from masking caused by continuous shaving without using pre-shave products.  The razor should never never never touch your skin direct contact with the skin when shaving with a single blade or clippers is a no-no.  Regardless if you're visiting your barber or DIY using a manual or electric razor you should always apply products such as foams, oils, or dry powders to your skin before shaving and after cleansing.  Choosing a blade or using clippers is your preference yet one may be more favorable for clear skin.  The face saver pre-shave powder stick is a must if you prefer to use clippers to shave. 

For more tips on proper shaving please email 

Replenish Hydration 

Regular hydration is recommended for clear skin.  Drinking water is an important factor for clear skin.   Replenishing liquids is imperative to clear skin both externally and internally.   When you sweat water is released from the body and skin to regulate body temperature and eliminate impurities.  Staying hydrated is the number one factor to clear skin because it flushes away toxins and keeps the skin functioning properly.  Although drinking water is necessary for keeping the skin looking great eating fruits with high water content is essential to youthful skin.  Drinking water and clean eating is the way to clear blemish-free skin.   

Shave with the Grain

Pay close attention to the direction of your hair growth.  Take a closer look at the facial hair underneath the jawline you may notice it grows differently than above the jawline.  To avoid ingrown hairs and razor bumps try brushing the hairs in different directions to know exactly how it's growing and which way the hair is growing.  Shaving should not be rushed you should allow yourself time to properly shave to avoid ingrown hairs.  Shaving against the grains will cause you to bump up thus ingrown hairs will appear.  The Art of Shaving is done with care and patience therefore moving the blade in the direction of hair growth will prevent irritating the skin and razor bumps.  Going against the grain would be in the opposite direction of hair growth and can cause major problems for the skin increasing your chances of Pseudofolliculitis

If your time permits scheduling an appointment with your barber is recommended.  

Having clear skin is not hard to come by but keeping up with your skin care needs can be challenging therefore you have to make it a priority to care for your skin properly.  It may appear that oiler skin is the most troublesome of skin types however, dry skin may cause certain issues when it comes to maintaining clear skin and keeping your skin looking great.  This is further from the truth because dryer skin types have their own troubles such as dehydration, sensitivity, dermatitis, and patches of dryness.  With great assiduity and care having clear skin is achievable no matter what skin you are in.  For clear skin pay stick to a skincare regimen be open to incorporating various techniques and implementing skin’s appearance requires appearance type you and promoting the role Regardless of your skin type or skin condition having clear skin can be achieved by having great skin and other skin types such as combination and dry skin but maintaining clear skin is further from the truth.  The right skincare products will encourage healthy and youthful skin, prevent breakouts, and remove unsightly dark spots for a more even complexion and clear skin.  

These are a few things black men need to know to get clear skin.  For more information and product recommendation please feel free to visit




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