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3 Natural Home Remedies For Lightening Dark Spots

Dark spots can occur in either the layer of the epidermis or dermis caused by injury to the skin.  When the skin experiences trauma unsightly dark marks or spots appear causing hyperpigmentation and/or blemishes on the skin.  Dark spots are a major issue for many black men.  Dark spots are flaws to the complexion and tone of the skin and can also change the texture of the skin appearing thicker and rougher.  Battling dark spots, scars, and marks is a nuisance for black men because they are hard to deal with especially when there are limited options available to effectively lighten and diminish dark marks from your face and body.   Dark marks, scars, or spots can take up to 6 weeks to fade possibly as long as 6 months depending on the damage to the skin.  Once a blemish appears you must act quickly yet not aggressively.  Being aggressive with the skin will cause long-term damage resulting in a longer process to remove any and all imperfections.  

Here are a few ways to effectively fade dark spots right from your kitchen.  

Lemon is considered a natural lightening agent it exhibits anti-pigmentary effects to work against further darkening.  Lemons High Citric Acids, & Vitamin C natural bleaching agent breaks down the melanin pigmentation inhibiting melanin production.  Squeeze fresh lemon, saturate the cotton ball and apply directly on the blemished area.  Leave for 10-20 minutes or overnight. 

Aloe Vera works to lighten skin's pigmentation, it is a natural depigmenting compound called aloin.  Aloe Vera Gel can be used directly on the skin with no carrier.  Apply directly on the dark areas or all over the face.  Depending on the scarring/damage it can take more than 15 days or so to see results.  Bonus: Aloe Vera is great to drink for digestion.  

Apple Cider Vinegar acidic helps repair skin's ph the properties consist of acetic acid and AHA's acting as an exfoliator to remove dead skin cells.  Use with equal parts of distilling water and Apple Cider Vinegar as a skin toner.  If you can bear the smell it will help fade dark marks and give the skin an overall glow.   

Premium products and spa-grade products are formulated with natural ingredients such as lemon essential oils which can also be an effective solution to fading dark spots.  Due to its highly acidic effects to break down dead skin cells, it brighter the skin, and kill the virus naturally without compromising the skin’s integrity.  Lemons one of the widely used citruses fruits its versatility is used as a flavor enhancer, substitution for sodium, juicing cleanse to aid weight loss, immune-boosting powers, and enema treatment to remove mucus.  In addition to the amazing benefits for skincare, its properties offer anti-viral, anti-bacterial, and anti fungal to eliminate cold sores, cyst pustules, and viral infections.  Lemons aloe vera and apple cider vinegar are extremely beneficial to the skin and the body to strengthen skin cells having and triggering the body’s metabolism.  Now you can see why lemons are the most widely used citrus fruit in its family because of the extraordinary benefits it offers for the skin and the body.  Although lemons so many amazing properties that naturally work to prevent, eliminate, and improve the skin's texture it can also cause the skin to become more sensitive to climate changes and environmental conditions, therefore, taking precautions such as avoiding touching or exposing the skin directly to the sun is advised while using the above-mentioned home remedies.   

More severe conditions of hyperpigmentation may require a trip to visit your licensed professional or medical specialist to repair the dermis offering more intensive treatments.  Although men have thicker skin and seem more resilient against harsh conditions it is most sensitive because of its ability to be vulnerable to hyperpigmentation.  In addition to its amazing properties lemon anti-viral, anti-microbe anti-fungal properties eliminate cold sores, cyst pustules, and viral infections.  I recommended doing a skin test before using any of the above home remedies as sometimes the skin can be more sensitive to using spices, herbs, and natural plants directly on the skin.  Having blemish-free skin is doable with continuous treatment and effective skincare.  Mixing up a home regimen along with your daily skincare system will improve the skin’s overall health. 



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