A Father's Day Tribute for Black Men: Generational Shaving Ritual

Father's Day

Generational Grooming Habits:  A Father’s Ritual 

Unlike women men want simplicity, they require uncomplicated ways to stay looking youthful.  As a result, they go through grooming routines on a daily basis such as shaving to stay presentable therefore implementing skincare should complement their grooming routine.  Even our grandfathers and fathers have followed skincare routines that are slightly different from the routines that men follow in today’s world.  In other words, our grandfathers and fathers used tools and products available to them which were not many to maintain their good looks. 

When it comes to shaving proper skincare can be considered a lost art in today’s world.  However, our grandfathers mastered it and our fathers followed it for most of their life. Men under 25 years of age don’t have a clear understanding of the traditional wet shaving methods at all. That’s mainly because the younger generation has accustomed to disposable and cheap shaving products on the market. 

Shaving was the main skincare routine that was followed by our grandfathers. To shave facial hair, they had simple razors, equipped with a single blade. These are much different from the multiple blade razors seen on the market today.  The cutting ability and sharpness of the multiple blades today are not precise.  As a result, dads today are faced with skin damage, and the shaving experience is lessened than what our grandfathers experienced in the past.  Although the conventional razors used today are inexpensive they are used more frequently than straight razors because they don’t offer a precise edge and sophisticated cute such as a straight razor.  Moreover, today barbers are reaching back into the past and bringing back the old school barbering and shave experience for today’s man.  Our grandfathers also used a shaving brush, which is made out of animal hair for shaving. 

The tradition of wet shaving was passed down from the grandfathers to our fathers. However, our fathers are exposed to more sophisticated technologies today.  Their razors are much more advanced when compared to the razors that were used by grandfathers however the overall experience is what kept the skin looking its best.  Today double blades and triple-blade razors are used today by our fathers for a closer shave.  Yet our grandfathers used shaving creams, hot towels, and single blades to get optimum results. Today dads are busy in a rush and need to appear neat but the convenient blades are causing problems for the skin long term.  

Apart from shaving, our fathers were the first generation to use facial cleansers and other skincare products. They had no idea what kind of results the products would deliver to them but it was a generational trend of that time.  Today more advanced skincare products for men today to deliver significant results to our dads.  

The development of technology has changed and fathers are more conscious about their skin’s appearance.  We rarely use wet shaving in today’s world because it’s a timely process.  Instead, disposable shaving products are used often by today’s men and fathers to keep facial hair neat.  Due to the necessity of daily shaving, it's more economical for fathers to purchase disposal razors and blades to save money but saving money isn’t always the best when it comes to saving the skin.  When it comes to shaving for skin, hot shaves, old-school barbering, single blade techniques are safer for the skin therefore leaning back into your grandfather’s grooming rituals will save face so you can stay looking great!

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