Posted on September 27 2017


Shawn Suggs


It’s all about beards.  Everywhere you turn beards are trending strong.  Beards are here to stay for all man kind. Men are taking a stand and wearing their beards with pride. The way a man wears his beard is a clear indication of his style and women are enjoying the stylish beard trend. Although there are similar beard styles each man’s beard is custom to his fit including, lifestyle, career and character see what face fits what style of beard “Beard vs. Beard.”  


To some a beard may seem to be the easy way out for men to shave but the particulars of grooming a beard is the same of shaving yet to the contrary beards are high maintenance requiring special care. Of course wearing a beard covers up most of a man’s face so there should be less time needed to care for the skin wrong skincare should always be a priority and be considered as part of a man’s daily grooming regimen. There’s a lot of detail that goes into trimming, shaping and styling a beard the meticulousness definitely show that men are spending more time to maintaining a polished look.


Beards give men a brawniness that’s not hyper masculine however just manly enough for versatility.  Beards are long, short, faded or taper depending on what compliments the facial structure. The longer the beard will stand out against the skin therefore the skin usually get neglected the longer the beard therefore one should invest in a beard comb. To avoid itching and dryness massaging natural oils that penetrate the skin and coats the beard is a necessity. Since the fashionable launch of the beard brand a plethora of beard oils have launched but all beard oils are not made equal.  Be on the look out for “Black Gold” Cole Skincare for Men Beard & Face Oil infused with it magical ingredient. Gaining a little knowledge about the base of beard oils are important to keep the beard and skin hydrated.  Find out which oils are similar to the skin’s natural oils “Natural Oils for Beards.

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