Black Don't Crack: Proper Skincare Tips for Anti Aging

Anti Aging for Black Men

Black don't crack!  Unfortunately, it does, it can, and it will, especially if you are neglecting your skin by not taking the time for proper care.   

Your skin has important needs and should be treated with care disregarding your skin care needs can cause premature aging even if good genetics have allowed you to be careless.   

Aging has become one of the number 1 concerns men start to worry about in their 40s.  Since men start losing their hair in their early 30s keeping their hair is more important than reducing the signs of aging.  To start seeing wrinkles, lines, or saggy skin can be quite devastating when you're still in your 30s and 40s.  Aging is a normal process of living and if you are lucky enough to live for years ahead it's inevitable yet aging gracefully is doable if you start taking care of your skin and using the right formulation.  Regardless of skin type, condition, and texture getting ahead of your skin's health is imperative to prolong the aging process.  

I have seen the challenges faced by black men when it comes to finding proper skincare that caters to black men and their skin. 

Conventional products are useless for black men because their basic formulation will just not do the job to help black men with their skin.  The Internet is full of men's skincare products claiming to be formulated for black men because black men are in demand.  Truthfully, many brands haven’t shown up to favor black men's skin in its entirety. 

Cole Skincare for Men products is designed and engineered to meet the needs of black men and their skin concerns when it comes to maintaining youthful and healthy skin.   Our active ingredients are systematically formulated to provide multiple functionalities all in one purposeful manner that addresses specific needs for melanin skin.  

Anti-Aging Tips 

The aging process has its own perks but your face should not indicate your age or that you’re getting older.  In addition to using effective skincare products, drinking water, eating healthy, and managing stress are a few tips to help minimize aging.  Your lifestyle and look should indicate the aging process, not your skin.   Black men, you should be proud of your masculinity because you are powerful and your resilience shows your strength.  Unlike other skin types, your dark skin needs extra care to preserve its youthfulness.  Using active ingredients and advanced formulations can help encourage collagen production to maintain a youthful face.    

Know your Skin Type 

Using active ingredients formulated for melanin skin tones and various skin types will help black men eliminate breakouts, reduce blemishes and enhance the skin’s complexion.  When you start taking care of your skin you will get the desired results.   Our universal formulation for black men is created to work on all skin types oily, combination, dry, mature, and even sensitive skin.   To further help you with your skin problems, concerns, or issue  I will identifying your skin's condition and show you how our system to work for you. 


Cole Skincare for Men makes it possible for black men address their skincare needs.  Our skin quiz provides me with information to better serve you based upon your answers.  It intelligently tells me what steps you need to improve your skin and gives me an analysis based on skin conditions to determine your skin type.  Take the simple quiz to help me get to know your skin.  It’s simple and easy you’ll see.   

Make Smart Lifestyle Changes

Many skincare issues are associated with lifestyle practices.  Adjusting a few key things such as changing your exercise routine or drinking more water can have a huge impact on your efforts to minimize the aging effects.  The lifestyle changes are not just about changing your routine but you also should consider upgrading to premium skincare products for black men.


Slowing down the aging process can be tricky but making a few lifestyle changes will help minimize the signs of aging.   Making sure you are getting enough sleep and staying stress-free is ideal for aging gracefully.  Things such as smoking, drinking, and late nights can cause premature aging therefore the skin will be subject to deteriorating skin cells and tissues caused by such vices.  Cole Skincare for Men is a lifestyle brand created to cater to black men and their skin.  Upgrade your grooming regimen with Cole Skincare for Men products and experience results in no time.  

Wash and Hydrate Daily

After a hectic day at the office or a nerve-wracking workout at the gym, you should wash your face immediately with our recommended product, our Multi-Action Cleansing Foam.  Wash twice a day for oily skin, for dry skin once a day use the Multi-Action Cleansing Foam at night, and in the morning just use a warm towel to cleanse face and follow up with our Dual Purpose Hydrating Face Gel.  

The Dual Purpose Hydrating Face Gel is great for all skin types including oily skin.  The water-based solution is formulated with vitamins, minerals, and botanicals that are beneficial to the skin's health and wellness.  The active properties allow for dual benefits for daily hydration and shaving to be used as an after-shave to calm and soothe the skin.  Using the face gel daily can help prevent ingrown hairs and reduce the signs of premature aging.    


Cole Skincare for Men has two highly effective cleansers providing the skin with everything it needs to maintain and manage healthy skin.   The Deep Cleansing Face Pads and Multi-Action Cleansing Foam multi-purposeful solutions for black men to care for their skin.  The cleansing face pads remove excess oils & dirt/debris, eliminate blackheads & break down dead skin cells.  The pre-moistened cleansing pads instantly wipe away dull-looking skin and softens the skin, dull, rough, and flaky skin can accelerate visible signs of aging.   The face pads are ideal for dry, sensitive, combination, and mature skin is the best anti-aging solution; it keeps the skin looking pristine and polished.   

Start Reversing the Aging Process Now

It is never too late to stop the aging effects. Right skin care products can do miracles for black skin and we top black celebrities have been our clients for years. Cole Skincare for Men has earned the reputation of being the best skincare brand for black men with premium quality products. Our products are formulated after a complete understanding of the complex black skin formation.

Cole Skincare for Men 

Whether you want to manage the aging process or maintain healthy skin, Cole Skincare for Men has covered all the necessities in every situation.  We are second to none when it comes to finding the right products formulated, developed, and created for black men.  Besides what other products have the hands-on creditably for keeping Hollywood celebrities, multi-platinum music artists, and All-Star athletes camera ready?  


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