Care for Him: Skincare for Black Men

Care for Him: Skincare for Black Men

From the beginning, Cole Skincare for Men brand was built for the love I have for black men.  Black men have seem to be the only race of man that society lacks concern about.  My interest to care for men after noticing the lack of concern for black men skin care.   Many companies cover their advertising and marketing campaigns with black ambassadors and hired black models as brand inclusivity.  Although diversity integration has been a key element to marketing for skincare, grooming and shaving companies its all smoke and mirror.  As a educator and expert for more than 20 years in the beauty and skincare I witnessed hands on the lack of concern and knowledge companies and professionals have about servicing black men properly.   As owner and creator I noticed black men were being mishandled and misrepresented in the beauty and personal care industry.  Men of color were being overlooked and underserved by skincare and grooming companies, options were limited and their needs were being disregarded.  Other than populating black men and their images in their advertising campaigns black men were being excluded.  "Understanding black men goes beyond hiring them as ambassadors or brand models"says Cole. 

Before Cole Skincare for Men launched in 2017 black owned, black operated skincare companies for black men that addressed the concerns and skin care needs for men of color were non existent.  To fill the void I was inspired to show that black men matter and to represent the true essence of a black man.  Cole Skincare for Men, is a boutique company 100% black owned and operated by women.   Care For Him is the tone of the brand's persona.  In support of the removing the negatively of black men Cole Skincare for Men launches Care For Him skincare package to celebrate the true essence of the Black Man. 

Considerably, all men are created equal however the difference of a man is expressed by his individuality, personality and originality therefore proper skincare and caring for black men must go beyond the surface.  Cole Skincare for Men is dedicated to caring for men by helping men look their best.  "Because Black Men Matter it is my responsibility as a skincare expert and my duty as a black woman to cater to men," says Cole.  

In an effort to create a movement for Black Men Cole Skincare for Men will campaign "Black Men Matter" during the month of June.  We are featuring the Care For Him exclusive package to gift the special men in their lives in honor of Father's Day.  Black Men Matter in solidarity for equality, justice and freedom we stand with supporting black men.   To join the movement and show your support for black owned business and diversity please click image below.  


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