Do you Suffer From Oily Skin?


 How to Control Oily Skin without Drying Out Your Skin?

If it wasn't frustrating enough to deal with oily skin as a teenager how about trying to overcome the greasiness as an adult.   Oily skin can be a nuisance and controlling it can be challenging, however, the first step is identifying the cause of your oily skin.  Most people with oily skin believe using products to help dry out the skin or using oil-free moisturizers will put an end to oily skin.  This may work temporarily but to reduce or minimize the production of oils it may take digging deeper than the surface of the skin.  Using drying products can actually signal the oil glands to produce more oil because it thinks it's lacking oil.  There are many factors that contribute to oily skin such as genetics, lifestyle, and hormones.   Yes, it's possible to cure oily skin even if it's genetics however there are other factors that may contribute to problematic skin such as environmental pollutants and level of stress.  

Getting an accurate analysis of your skin to determine if you're an acne prone oily skin, dehydrated oily skin, or an active oily skin will help you find the perfect solution.  Maintaining a consistent skincare regimen that's formulated to target problematic skin will help stabilize the sebaceous glands.  Sebaceous glands produce sebum to help hydrate and protect the skin they lubricate and waterproof the skin.  Although sebum is important to the skin too much sebum can lead to pimples, blackhead, clogged pores, and even acne.   Oily skin may be unfavorable but there are pros as well as cons for those diagnosed with oily skin.  

If you're battling with oily skin here are tips to control your oils without drying your skin.      

1.  Avoid over washing.  Too much washing can contribute to overactive sebaceous glands.

2.  Avoid using hot water regularly.  Lukewarm is ideal for washing & splash cold water after.  

3.  Do not use thick moisturizers & creams.  Creams/lotions will suffocate your skin and clog pores.  

4.  Do not use alcohol.  Use toners or toner wipes to prevent bacterial buildups. 

5.  Maintain Stress Level.  Stress can cause hormones to fluctuate.  

In addition to incorporating the 5 tips here are a few resourceful products and ingredients that have been proven to help minimize large pores, blackheads, and blemishes caused by oily skin and heal problematic skin due to the characteristics of oily skin.  The selective list is curated by our expert and celebrity grooming artist Cole Patterson who has had optimum results for oily skin clients.  

There are specific ingredients that can help reprogram the cellular function of the skin such as alpha hydroxy, beta hydroxy, retinol, apple cider vinegar, honey, tea tree oils, lemon, and activated charcoal.   


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