3 Signs You Need Water

3 Signs You Need Water

They importance of hydration goes without saying.  A well hydrated body keeps the organs lubricated and the skin youthful.  Water is essential to life and we can not  sustain life without water.  Our bodies can not store water once it's lost we must hydrate.  Although the body can go without food for an extended period of time, the body can not survive without water less than a week.  The body will signal the need for water.  Here are few signs the body needs replenished.  

Dry Mouth occurs when there's not enough water to produce saliva.  Dry mouth is the first sign of extreme dehydration which can cause bad breathe.   

Itchy Skin, when the body or skin is lacking hydration it will start to itch.  First signs of lack of water is dry skin.  The skin will appear flaky and itchy.  Dry skin accelerates the aging process.  Research shows that dry skin ages faster than oily skin.  Therefore, it is important that we maintain continuous replenish fluids regularly.  

Constipation, dehydration in a common cause of constipation.  The body needs water to move the food through the intestines.  During digestion the food waste absorbs water from the body therefore water is necessary to keep things moving smoothly.  

Our body's require water to function properly and eliminate toxins.  The importance of water is unmeasurable its a matter of life and death.  Our bodies are made up of 60 percent of water and our blood at least 90 percent water.  Without water our bodies will become vulnerable and can not sustained life.  Water is the body’s essential nutrient to maintain good health.   In my recent article "The Role of Hydration for Optimal Skin Health" in Dermascope Magazine the importance of hydration is discussed in further details. 


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