The Truth About Prostate Health for Black Men

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No matter how old you are or young in age staying on top of your prostate health is extremely important.  Regular wellness checks are imperative to avoid any problems or monitor prostate enlargement or irregularities that may occur.

Prostate cancer is a hidden killer of black men.  According to the American Cancer Society between 1 out of 6  black men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer.   Medical research states that black men are likely to die of low-grade prostate cancer due to lack of medical care and insurance coverage thus delaying screening or testing.  They are at high risk of prostate cancer because lack of resources made available to educate or inform black men about preventative care and early detection.  Prolonging wellness checks to manage prostate health is a matter of life or death therefore regular screening can help save your life and the life of loved ones.  Another reason mentioned for higher risk of prostate cancer among men of color are  racial bias, lack of resources and socioeconomics.

Ironically if you are not considered high risk such as family history or over 45 years of age some physicians suggest waiting until you are 50 or older.   Contrary to medical guidelines black men are indeed at high risk regardless therefore you should insist on testing early to be certain about your prostate health and wellness.  Being proactive may require you to take matters into your own hands such as paying out of pocket, requesting referral or independently seeking second opinions from a specialist.  Early detection and preventative therapy is necessary.  Please don’t wait!

Although medical guidelines suggest prostate screening to take place later in life monitoring your prostate health can lower the rest of prostate cancer and keep you aware of you levels.  Intense workouts and extraneous exercises such as cycling, high sexual actives, alcohol, caffeine, medication, supplements and poor diet that can cause the PSA level to fluctuate therefore causing the prostate gland to become enlarged.  Other causes of PSA irregularities may be due to hormonal changes caused by stress, lifestyle or environment change .  Some symptoms of enlarged prostate are difficulties urinating, erectile dysfunction, and weaken bladder.  Incorporating aerobic exercises such as swimming, walking, jogging, yoga and even medication can help maintain safe levels of PSA to keep you save. 

Check out my list of natural foods to help maintain good prostate health. 

Saw Palmetto

Pumpkin See Oil

Green Tea



Black men are found to have a high level of PSA serum found in their prostate therefore, you are at high risk for prostate cancer according to research.  Including prostate exams early can help lessen any possible signs of cancer that have been overlooked or undetected.  Studies suggests PSA serum found in black men can be a direct link associated with larger prostate size, raising the question of black men being at higher risk and why?  

Preventative care includes screening and testing levels of PSA in the blood or engorged prostate glands.  The PSA (prostate-specific antigen) or DRE (digital rectal exam) both test reliable to measure the condition of the prostate for early detection of prostate issues.  For the PSA, blood is drawn to test the number of prostate antigens contained in the blood.  Monitoring PSA regularly will help you maintain a healthy prostate and manage prostate health accordingly.  

Medical guidelines suggest prostate screening takes place later in life yet testing at a younger age can help you prevent prostate issues lowering the risk of prostate cancer.

Regardless physically fit or living a modest lifestyle does not exempt prostate issues from occurring scheduling a prostate screening is recommended as early as 40 years old or sooner.  

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