The Best Cleansers for Black Men: The Ultimate Guide to Face Cleansers

Foaming Cleanser for Men

The right men's skincare brand can save your skin reducing the aging process by  several years.  Yet, to discover the best brand to fit your needs will require some of your time.  

The problem is, finding the best products for your skin can be a tedious process.   With having so many skincare products available even choosing a cleanser is overwhelming.   

With so many options now available to men it’s hard to figure out what brand actually has your skin’s best interest in mind when it comes to maintaining ageless skin and keeping your skin healthy.     

With that being said, let me help you save some time and get you squared away.     

Not every brand caters to black men and their specific needs.  Yet, most brands basically offer criteria for oily, combination, normal or dry skin types without added active ingredients to target specific skin issues and conditions.      

This guide will lay out the various cleansing options to help you choose wisely.   I will break down the different cleansing options available on the market, their basic functions, and which is best for your skin type. 

Different Types of 
Facial Cleansers

Foam Cleaner -Foamy consistency mix with water to active lather.   Foaming cleansers are lightweight in texture providing an easy spread for deep cleansing without friction.  

Foam cleansers are great for removing excess oils, eliminating dirt embedded in pores with the right ingredients foaming cleansers that offer exfoliant properties to remove dead skin cells.    

Easy to rinse off using water or wash cloth.   

Cole recommends using foaming cleansers for oily, combination, and normal skin.  Great cleansing option for black men.  

Gel Cleansers- Gel is a more water-based jelly-like consistency.  Gel cleansers are slightly thicker balancing hydration.  Prep skin wet then apply the gel.  

Gel cleansers are equipped to cut through surface oils for a mild cleansing experience removing impurities and acne-causing bacteria.  Some gel cleansers include jojoba beads or other exfoliating benefits to scrub surface dead skin cells by massaging it onto the skin (not recommended for bearded men or those with facial hair).  

Best rinsed using a warm towel.

Cole recommends using gel cleansers for acne-prone, oily, or sensitive skin.  Great for men with problematic, combination or normal skin to offer a balance cleansing experience.  

Oil Cleansers - Smooth silky consistency adding water turns the oil into a light milky emulsion.   Oil cleansers are lubricating less likely to interfere with the skin’s barrier to replenish and nourish the skin.  Avoid pore-clogging oils such as mineral oils.  

Oil cleansers are great to loosen dirt and remove pore-clogging debris from building up replenish dehydrated skin. 

Best rinsed with warm water followed by cool.  

Cole recommends using an oil cleanser for dry, dehydrated, and sensitive skin.  Best for men and women with mature, dry, or dehydrated skin.  For black men with medium to courser hair texture oil cleansers can help soften the hair and protection to the skin for a smoother shave.  

Cream cleansers rich texture thick and lush to lock in moisture.   Cream cleansers coat the skin moving dirt, impurities, and debris to wipe off. 

Cream cleansers are best for mature skin, removing makeup and preventing inflammation.  

Rinse with warm water followed by a wet towel to wipe away the cream. 

Cole recommends cream cleansers for women not men ideal for mature, sensitive, and extremely dry skin.  

Cleansing Balm- thick petroleum-like or buttery consistency.  A gentle cleansing option is very soothing.   

Cleansing balms melt away impurities while hydrating the skin. 

Use a warm cloth to remove the product.  

Cole recommends cleansing balms as a pre cleanser or post-cleanse depending on your need.  Unless there is a particular need for extreme dry or climate change black men should avoid as main cleansing option.  

Lotions- more creamy milky-like texture.  Emollient based to navigate on the skin without tugging or friction.  

Cleansing lotions water-soluble is best to apply on non-wet/dry skin.  

Splash water on the face to remove the product then follow up with a warm cloth.  

Cleansing lotions great option for all skin types.  Great option for black men as with all skin oily, combination or normal skin.  

Cleansing Pads/Wipes - pre-moistened or saturated with liquid cleaning solution. Depending on the type of material used with the cleansing solution will suggest the effectiveness of the pads and if a follow-up cleanse is needed.

No water is needed to assist with cleansing.  

Wipe using outward and upward motion.  

Cole suggests using both sides of the cleansing pads/wipes and discarding them after use.  Superior cleansing option for grooming and maintaining healthy skin.   

Bar Soap Cleanser- solid to soapy suds higher alkaline base.  Bar cleansers require water to have active cleansing properties.  Glycerin, oils, butter soaps are better for the skin to avoid stripping away natural oils. 

Cleansing bar soaps provide versatility for both face and body.  

Remove using a washcloth with Luke warm water.  

Cole recommends using bar soaps as a last resort and finding one with built-in moisturizing properties.  

Choosing the Best Cleansing Option 

One of the first step to maintaining healthy and youthful looking skin is keeping your skin clean and free of dirt, impurities and pollutants.  Using cleansers that deliver optimum results will help you reach your skin care goals much quicker.  Choosing the right brand for your skin matters and selecting the  correct cleanser for your skin is imperative.  

The Ultimate Guide to Choosing A Cleanser from Cole Skincare for Men on Vimeo.

Cleansing foams, gels, balms, lotions, and soap are more favorable for men however some men may decide to go with an oil cleanser for a gentler cleansing experience during and before shaving.  Although facial bar soaps are an option, I personally don’t recommend using facial bar soap on the face.  Cleansing with bar soaps can disrupt the skin’s acid mantle thus lowering the natural pH causing extreme dryness leading to more severe issues down the line.  Because a woman’s skin is slightly dryer they are more attracted to oil, cream, and lotion cleansers.  Either way, avoid cleansers that are too alkaline or too acidic using cleansers that favor the skin’s pH is to maintain healthy skin.  

Today, the men’s market of personal care and skincare products is endless every there are so many brands carrying men’s skincare making it difficult for you to know if it’s good for your skin without trying.  Move-in closer to see who’s behind the brand and their expertise this will help you make a wise decision based on valuable information.  

With Cole Skincare for Men, we offer 2 cleansing options both an all-in-one formulation with exfoliating capabilities.  The Multi-Action Cleansing Foam is great for oily, combination, and normal skin instantly improving the skin’s texture and tone.  Our cleansing foam helps regulate oil production, eliminate breakouts, refine enlarged pores, and reduce ingrown hairs, fade blemishes and remove dead skin cells to improve the skin’s appearance without stripping the skin of its natural moisture.  

Deep Cleansing Face Pads are formulated with a built-in cleansing solution to nourish the skin providing a natural barrier for the skin to prevent moisture loss while deeply cleansing, breaking down dead skin cells, renewing/repairing skin tissue to preserve the skin’s elasticity for more smooth, soft and supple skin.  

Put Your Handsome Face Forward. 

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