Top 5 Razor Blades For Your Face


Shaving is a huge part of a man’s daily grooming regimen.  Men take pride in their shaving experience because shaving has been passed down through generations by grandfathers, fathers, uncles, and brothers.  

Finding a safety razor sharp enough to cut but safe enough to glide along the skin without causing damage to the skin is ideal when selecting a blade.  Shopping around to select the right brand of razor and choose a blade that reduces friction and seamlessly guides on the surface of the skin is worth every penny.  

Using a safety razor may be the inconvenience of switching out blade after blade but it is a necessity to maintain smooth blemish free skin.  Spending a little more money up front will add longevity to your skin’s health and appearance.  The perfect tool should accommodate your lifestyle and define your character so choose wisely. 

In order to get the best shave, you must consider the texture of your facial hair.   Your hair texture will determine how often you will shave.  Depending on how your skin reacts to shaving will let you know if your razor is a fit for your skin.  *The sharper the blade the fewer the passes.*  

It may seem easy to choose a razor that will cut your facial hair and keep you well groomed but selecting a razor that removes facial hair without nicks, cuts, and burns require some research.  With so many razors on the market its hard to know what will fit your face moreover, remove facial hair safely.  

To obtain a close shave, here are a few tips to help you narrow down the type of razor that will fit your skin.  

Top 5 Razor Blades 

  • Feather Hi-Stainless Steel  
  • Astra Superior Platinum 
  • Wilkinson Sword DE 
  • Derby Extra  
  • Super Iridium 

Check out our upcoming blog about the best razor blade to use for thick and coarse facial hair textures.   


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