Uncovering the Myths of Melanin Skin: A Few Things You Need to Know About Darker Skin

Uncovering the Myths of Melanin Skin for Black Men

Myths and misconceptions about skincare for black men keep them from using skin care products for preventative care and maintain good skin health.   Getting the best information, treatments, and products for black men skin can be challenging because of such myths and misconceptions.  

These things cause needless fear and confusion, so it's time to put an end to the matter for good. Because Cole skincare for men is a reliable brand for black men skin, it is important for me to burst these myths. Let’s dive deeper!

Myth 1 – Black Don’t Crack 

It gives black men and women great pleasure to say this, “black don’t crack” but if you let your guard down and take things for granted you will see “black do crack”.  For black skin cracking refers aging where the skin is no longer firm, tight, and supple.  It is common for white skin to show fine lines and wrinkles which starts to appear at early stages than melanin skin.  Although black skin ages differently black skin will begin to mature if things are not addressed prior to betting older.  When it comes to wrinkles, fine lines, and sagging skin black men and women can experience such just the same as Caucasian skin.    Just as easily as it can on white skin black skin can experience rapid aging due to neglect.  Even though black skin contains more melanin than other skin types, this is not an excuse for not taking care of your skin and protecting it from forms of environmental damage, such as pollution. A hallmark of aging for black skin is not only the appearance of sagging skin but also discoloration, dark circles, and deteriorating of its tone, texture and skin type.   Simply put, black will crack if you slack!

Myth 2 – All Black Men Have Oily Skin 

The majority of black men deal with oily skin, which can result in blackheads, breakouts, or blemishes. This is a frequent problem. It is all dependent on a multitude of factors such as genetics, lifestyle, and habits, yet there are some men with oily skin who have greater luck than others. It is equally important to note that skin types are unique to individuals and different black men can have different skin types. 

Myth 3 – Black Men do Not Need Skincare 

It is common for people to view as unmanly the concept of concentrating on one's facial esthetics and doing everything to ensure that one's skin is looking its absolute best.  The mindset of spreading such crap is slowly decreasing as attractiveness and appearance go hand and hand.  You should treat yourself to a skincare program that not only improves your  handsomeness but also helps you avoid problems that you are predisposed to and boosts your self-assurance.

Myth 4 – Black Men do Not Get Skin Cancer

Although black men experience skin cancer at a lesser rate than white  people, this does not mean that black men can’t get skin cancer.  Skin cancer is increasing amongst men of color for unknown reasons.  Because people of color are not accustomed to paying attention to the changes in their skin, dermatologists believe that they notice the warning symptoms of skin cancer later than white people do.   

Myth 5 – Black Men do Not Need to Use Sunscreen

You've probably heard the phrase "Melanin popping," which refers to the black skin's excess melanin, which protects it from the sun's harmful rays. While purchasing black men’s skincare kits, sunscreen is often omitted because of mixture reviews about sunscreen for dark skin is not a priority.  Due to the skin’s pigment black men rarely are faced with issues caused by the sun which suggest "melanin popping" saves the skin from sunburn or harmful UV Rays.  Depending on where you look this is debatable about sunscreen and its benefits to protecting the skin against sun exposure.  Hold tight, here's a few things to consider! 

Do black men and women need to use sunscreen?   Consider the people that live closer to the equator where the sun is the hottest.   Yes, when overexposed to the sun dark skin people texture may thicken and appear more resilient however, the sun hastens the process of premature aging and will cause hyperpigmentation which is the darker patches of the skin worse; therefore, limiting skin exposure and protecting the skin can prevent damage or hyperpigmentation.   

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), black people have the lowest risk of sunburn, but this may be questionable indication that melanin is the sun's powerful savior.

Darker skin tones have more melanin the pigment that is responsible for the color of the skin color which is not produced by the sun.  Believe it or not the sun is more beneficial than harmful to melanin skin.  However, when darker skin faces trauma such as bruised, scarred, or blemished prolonged sun exposure causes hyperpigmentation without protection from the sunlight and sun rays.  Yes, the skin needs charging with Vitamin D from the sun.  

Now that we have busted the myths… What’s Next?

Let us discuss the importance of skincare for black men. At any age, a proper skincare practice can assist with good skin health to retain its youthful appearance and firm texture throughout your life.  n the development of new skin cells, which can help your skin retain its youthful appearance and texture throughout your lifetime.

Pamper Your Skin with Honey Turmeric - Depigmentation Face Masque

To encourage youthful and firm skin Cole Skincare for Men presents the innovative "Honey Turmeric Face Masque," which contains raw honey and turmeric to restore damaged skin, erase dark spots, stop breakouts, and halt the aging process.  Natural anti-oxidants and anti-inflammatory ingredients in the Honey Turmeric Face Masque help to treat imperfections.  The Souffle'textured masque supports the integrity of the skin keeping it smooth, soft, and supple by restoring the skin's clarity and complexion.  You can now give your skin the pampering it deserves, the myths no longer have to stop you!

 Bottom Line from Cole Skincare for Men 

Now that some of these misconceptions about people with dark skin complexion have been dispelled, it is time to explore the skincare options that are most suitable for you. Your skincare journey starts with the experts in black men’s skin care.   The Fact Frees!

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