Black Men Skin Uncomplicated

Black Men Skin

Understanding a man’s specific skin care needs can be complicated. Combination or oily skin, large pores, blackheads, razor burn or ingrown hairs are the first things professionals usually notice about a man’s skin. All men might be created equal, but their skin is not especially for black men skin.  

Professionals may be intimidated by the dominance of men acquiring specialized products, services and treatments, but being knowledgeable can help professionals subdue the fear.  With the sudden influx of male clientele taking the initiative for better skin, licensed professionals are urged to go beyond the basic skin analysis. Gender specific services catering to men are on the rise; therefore, developing an intake that acquires adequate details about male clientele can be beneficial. Needless to say, going beyond the basics of his shaving regimen is a necessity.  To accommodate the male clientele effectively, licensed professionals must be ready to address a man’s lifestyle to fulfill the demands of his specific skin care needs.

Although men require easy solutions to fit their way of life, caring for their skin may not be as simplistic. Black men may not be concerned with their skin beyond shaving until something goes wrong; however, his uncertainty should not be taken lightly.

Contrary to the looks of darker skin when compared to caucasian skin it's more delicate because of possible hyper-pigmentation, folliculitis, and even keloid scarring.  

Adam vs. Eve

Any physical shift can agitate the skin’s physiology. The skin is a barrier designed for protection, regulation and sensation both inside and outside the body. When addressing a man’s skin, there are two important factors that are often overlooked: WHO and WHAT when it comes to black men and their skin.  WHO being the male client and WHAT needs do he have for black men skin.   It is not wise to assume that a man’s skin requires less attention because of his brawny nature and masculine physique.  Because black men skin appear thicker and more resilient novice professionals may think black men skin can handle more aggressive treatments.  Therefore, it's imperative that black men seek professionals who has years of training and expertise specializing in darker skin.  

Men have a different hormonal makeup than women. They tend to produce more sebum, have thicker skin and have high sensitivity. Such extremities may cause a man’s skin to be more vulnerable to his surroundings especially for black men.

A man’s skin is quite different from a woman because men have an intense shaving regimen, making their skin is more sensitive. Alcohol-based aftershaves strip the skin of natural moisture; therefore, the skin is signaled to produce more oil thus causing more blemishes and enlarged pores.  Here are some things to consider when addressing preventative skincare or maintaining healthy skin for men skin in general.    


Exposure to harsh chemicals and environmental pollution are not the only thing that cause skin problems for men. Because the skin is a receptor to environmental change, a network of nerves senses any irregula­rities in the body. Therefore, any emotional shift such as stress or climate change will eventually show on the skin in the form of bumps, blemishes and rashes. The skin is the body’s largest organ, and its functionality thrives under perfect conditions. If there is an imbalance internally or externally, the skin may experience an outbreak that disrupts the skin’s function­ality.


Finding balance can be difficult for men because they are creatures of habit so if their workaholics choosing the gym vs. overtime can be challenging. Most men frequent the gym after a stressful day or to preserve their masculine physique. Overall working out is very rewarding for total body health and wellness but there are pros and cons when it comes to the skin. For instance men desire bulky muscles but it can cause stretch marks from rapid weight gain or weight loss. Sweating is great for circulation and weight loss to help release toxins exercise increases the skin’s temperature for perspiration to help cool the body and regulate body temperature. Although sweating is beneficial for total body health it can have a negative impact on the skin too much perspiring makes it easy for bacteria to transfer spreading germs causing occasional breakouts. It seems working out may disrupt the skin’s functionality occasionally but the gym is a great way to relieve stress very important to maintain balance. Therefore as professional should stay on alert about his/her client’s lifestyle to better compensate his skin in unfavorable conditions.


More men are becoming conscious about their appearance because of competition in the workplace. They are requiring more in their grooming regimen. Regardless of his line of work, professionals should be fully equipped to deal with men as a whole.

The indoor worker. if a man’s line of work includes frequent travel or constant desk work, his skin may appear extremely dehydrated due to the hours spent in air-conditioning, heat or fatigue. In addition to being dehydrated, he will more than likely have a vitamin D deficiency. Suggesting multifun­ctional products for his skin care regimen will not only benefit his skin, but also accommodate his busy lifestyle.

The outdoor worker. On the other hand, working outdoors will help with the vitamin D, but being overexposed to the sun causes premature aging.


Being overbooked with to-dos has become the societal norm for most people, including men. Men are physically and mentally built to sustain a busy lifestyle; however, men are looking for tangible solutions to improve their mood other than the gym. We are living in a stressful, fast-paced world, and demands are high to stay relevant in the workplace. Anxiety is a stress related emotion that cause a hormonal fluctuation, which increases the possibility of wrinkles and premature aging.

Customize Based On Lifestyle

As men seek social status and career success, they are becoming fully engaged in services that are gender specific to their needs. To gain the trust of the male clientele, professionals should pay close attention to what men are wanting and communicate effectively.

A man’s lifestyle plays a significant role, and a suitable regimen should be chosen to accommodate his way of life. Today’s man is quite different from the men of the past, and the population of male spa goers is climbing.

Being more attentive to his lifestyle will help bridge the gap between his grooming needs and skin care concerns.  Most men will be open to discussions about their way of life. His lifestyle activities can affect the skin, and his skin can indicate a lot about his life.​To leverage the conversa­tions, professionals should use simple terminology that addresses his specific needs.

Professional should not ignore but embrace men with personalize treatments and services that will make him feel at ease. Some lifestyle choices can be troublesome for a man’s skin, but customizing his skin care routine to fit his lifestyle can be greatly beneficial to the overall health of his skin.

For those without male skin care knowledge, driving into unfamiliar territory can be unnerving, but listening to your male client's individual concerns can help you gather important information that will be useful during his skin analysis.

Although customization is important, it is also important to keep a recommended regimen simple. Men are creatures of habit, and keeping it simple for them works best. Deciding what to prioritize daily to keep the skin functioning will keep the skin balanced and blemish free.

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