Why Black Men Matter? The Survival Crisis of Black Men

Black Lives Matter

Black Lives Matter, A Global Movement 

In 2013 Black Lives Matter, human rights movement was established in response to the upsetting acquittal for the murderer of 17 year old Trayvon Martin.  The Black Lives Matters movement gained societal awareness worldwide and continues express civil issues for black men in America.   

2020 has been challenging for humanity in all areas first Covid-19 quarantine and yet most recent pandemic due to an epidemic of violent crimes against black men.  Such These crimes have killed, convicted and dismantled the black families.   Black men are being targeted and hunted in the United States of America.  Black men, boys, fathers, uncles, brothers, sons and friends lives are being taken away from them just because of the color of their skin.  Black men are being wrongfully label by those that want to diminish and dehumanize them as men.  Black men have been overlooked and under served in the land of free for many decades.  

Needless to say, we are talking about skin.  This is all about skin, the color of ones skin.  The melanin in ones skin the hue in ones skin, the pigment in ones skin.  One should not be mistreated because of the skin, one should not have to fear for his/her life because of the color of his/her skin.  One should not be dehumanized or inferior because of his/her skin. Supporters from all walks of life and all over the world are protesting for black lives matter.  The movement has exposed America's tactics and racial propaganda against black Americans.  It has confronted its prejudices and injustices that black men are facing everyday because of the color of their skin including black women.   People of all races, gender, sex, religious and nationality have joined the movement for Black Lives Matter organizing protest to bring awareness to the heinous assaults against black men and women.  Fearless activists, protesters, journalists lead by the impulse for immediate change of the young generation.  

The color of our skin makes us unique not different.  "We are of one race, the human race" says human rights activist and educator, Jane Elliot.   We concur with Elliot, Cole Skincare for Men and its team stand in solidarity for equality and justice for our black fathers, sons, uncles, husbands and friends.  Let's unlearn hate, let's learn love and respect.  

Black Men Matter because they are important to the human race.  Black Men Matter because they are beautiful, strong and powerful.  Black Men Matter because we need them.   We honor you, we celebrate you, and we salute you.  


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