Multi-Action Cleansing Foam

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Multi-Action Cleansing Foam

$ 30.00



  • Product Description

      Cleanse + Exfoliate + Shave  

      More than 3-in-1the Multi-Action cleansing foam powerful enzymes break down dead skin cells to unclog pores, washing away dirt and environment debris deeply cleansing the skin,  balances excess oil production without stripping the skin of its natural moisture balance leaving the skin smooth and hydrated in just one step.  

      Active ingredients:  Organic Coconut Oils, Lactic Acids, and a unique blend of enzymes and fruit acids.        

      •  Controls Oils  
      •  Eliminates Blemishes 
      •  Tightens Pores 
      •  Minimizes Breakouts 
      •  Softens Hair Follicle for Closes Shave 
      •  Pre-Shave Foam 
      •  Prevent Ingrown Hairs
      •  Fades Dark Spots 

      Used For

      Oily Skin  Combination Skin Eliminate Blackheads Prevents Acne  
      Fade Dark Spots Heals Eczema  Pre-Shave Foam Intensify Hydration 


      Just add water with 1-2 pumps on damp hands to dilute, rubbing the palms of hand to generate light lather, apply to face and neck using circular motion then rinse face thoroughly with lukewarm water and blot access water from face leave slightly moist for best results. 

      Size: 150ml 

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