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Spa Blend Facial Towelettes For Men

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Use 1 towelette daily all over the face, neck, head to help destress and promote calmness.

Both sides can be used. Please discard after use.


With our Spa Blend Facial Towelettes, uplift your grooming & skincare routine. Specially designed for the modern gentleman, these face-cleansing towelettes are the ultimate skincare solution. Perfect for cleansing, refreshing, and revitalizing your skin with a spa-inspired blend of natural ingredients, these professionally made facial towelettes ensure you always put your best face forward.

Ideal for on-the-go use, it fits seamlessly into your busy lifestyle, providing a no-fuss way to maintain a polished and confident appearance.

Say goodbye to complex men’s skincare routine and hello to a fresh and invigorated complexion. Get your Spa Blend Facial Towelettes today and experience the luxury of a spa treatment wherever you go.

Features -

Combat dehydration, premature aging, and stress for healthier skin.
Enjoy a spa-inspired essential oil blend for relaxation on the go.
Soft, durable material that won't tear or shed, designed to fit in a man's hand.
A perfect travel companion for instant skin revitalization and stress relief.


Essential Oil Blends of Lavender, Vanilla, & Neroli
Aqua, Sodium Hyaluronate, Glycerin, Grapefruit Seeds, Willow Bark Extract, Aloe Extract, Sugar Maple Extract, & Castor Oil.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Stole it from my man, then my 10 year old son stole them from me!

I originally bought these for my boyfriend for the holidays, however, upon him opening it and getting a whif and then trying....THEY'RE MINE!

Not only was the Lavender smell truly divine it kept my skin looking and feeling radiant.

Then, karma hit me when my 10 year old found his way in my medicine cabinet. Needless to say, the remainder of my towelettes are his...

Now I have to get a bag for all three of us. Lol.

Plus, I'm so happy this company is Black-owned!

Mike Lucas
Nice addition

These are very refresh good for on the go, i also use these after shaving gives me a nice smooth clean feeling, and a Great scent as well another winner.

Clean and fresh

My face feels clean and fresh, nice and polished!