2nd Annual CSFM ESPYS Grooming Lounge

Rodger Saffold LA Rams NFL

Cole Skincare for Men ESPYS Grooming Lounge featuring Los Angeles Rams Rodger and Asia Saffold on E New "Hollywood & Football."  The 2nd Annual Cole Skincare for Men "Man Enough" ESPYS Grooming Lounge introduces the lifestyle brand to men of all walks of life to promote skincare, wellness & total body health.  Each year we present the "Man Enough" Award to the chosen honoree.  "Man Enough" is a motto to celebrate men beyond their masculinity.  

The “Man Enough” concept added so much enthusiasm for the years to come.  Media lined the red carpet to snap photos of high profile entertainers and professional athletes as they entered the Man Enough Experience presented by Cole Skincare for Men at the L Club downtown Los Angeles.  Moving along the red carpet guests were met by our gorgeous host 2013 Playboy Playmate Raquel Pomplun to share their man enough before exiting the step and repeat.  The signature logo projected from the backdrop of downtown Los Angeles night life.  

The Cole Skincare for Men grooming lounge marked an ultimate experience for both men and women during ESPYS week.   Live jazz echoed from the rooftop terrance welcoming guests to signature spirits curated by female mixologists.  Digital branding wrapped around the venue,  comfortable seating accented with the brand pillows for outdoor lounging.  Compliments of Viecache'e medical wellness concierge joined the the grooming lounge to introduce its brand.   

The NFL Los Angeles Rams Rodger Saffold, Bradley Marquez and Chase Reynolds received a personal tour by Cole Skincare for Men CEO Cole Patterson for a feature episode of E News Hollywood & Football entering the panoramic panels leading to the Fireplace Lounge where they received facials, manicures, and chair massages.   Guests were served premium alkaline water sponsored by Alka Logicial before their man enough experience.  Between services men lounged the Man Cave accents of custom artifacts, exotic flower arrangements and table dressing of wood carved chess board, crystal goblets of Remy poured.  Guests applauded as Cole Skincare for Men CEO, Cole Patterson, Event Producer Neferteri Plessy and Host Raquel Pomplun ended the night with the Man Enough Award honoree Shizz Porter, Celebrity Lifestyle Barber.   

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