About Cole

Black Owned Brand Created by Skincare Expert & Celebrity Makeup Artist

Preserving the skin's vitality includes self care with skin care.  As a licensed  professional I've had the opportunity to train with dermatologists, plastic surgeons, wellness professionals and holistic healers to gain extensive knowledge as an expert specializing in melanin skin.  Being responsible for top entertainers, professional athletes, and celebrity clients for their personal image and appearance both on and off camera.  As a black woman working with black men as a makeup artist I realized black men skin issues were not being addressed properly on how to to take care of their skin.  Cole Patterson, men's lifestyle and skincare expert created Cole Skincare for Men to help black men with their skin because they were being overlooked and underserved regarding self care.  The Multi Action Cleansing Foam was our first product from the Cole Skincare for Men system.  was on principles of owner Cole Patterson "Nurture The Skin Within" to help her clients better understand the causes for certain skin conditions and problems.  I'm thrilled to share with you my secrets used to help black men  maintain good skin health and strive for spectacular skin.  Cole's principles are "Nurture The Skin Within" as she approaches her FREE Virtual Consultations to assist men with questions, concerns, and issues they have with their skin.  Cole encourages black men and black women to take the initial step and invest in effective skincare products that promote skin health and total body wellness and investment worth the time and money.  Cole Skincare for Men Lifestyle Brand is a diverse community of men and women from all walks of life.     



When I  launched Cole Skincare for Men I knew the importance of having  valuable treatments, tools, and techniques accessible to those seeking ways to better their life in its entirety.   My  love for wellness and health spills over to my approach in aligning skin care with self care.  With many years specializing in ethic skin skin I aim to help individuals solve their problems, gain knowledge, and build a community of men and women to stay connected.  Cole Skincare for Men is not the latest craze, fad or trend it's a lifestyle brand.   My love for Black Men is expressed in everything I do and what I present to the world as a woman and with the Cole Brand.  To continue to provide Black Men with quality ingredients customized to fit their specific needs, I  am constantly researching and always watching other brands to uphold my brand's identity and maintain brand integrity.  My sole purpose for creating and developing Cole Skincare for Men is to represent Black Men and give them quality products they can depend on to deliver real results.  






Aside from my passion in skincare I am dedicated to empowering women entrepreneurs and  black owned businesses created by women.  As co-founder of Single Mom's Planet a non-profit organization for single mothers entrepreneurs to grow and expand through programing and community networking.  Alongside Neferteri Plessy, Single Mom's Planet founder and business coach it is our goal to help each other prosper in business.  I believe a community is built with those who stand by you and with you through it all.