London Brown, Actor/Comedian,  HBO Ballers  

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The products are soothing and refreshing . . . 
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"I like the product alot, it's a great look"
-Isaac Keyes, Former NFL  
"Products made my skin feel good"
-Steve Jones, Brand Maverick Ent. 
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-Brandon Larkins. Actor 
". . . made my skin feel fresh and clean."

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"My favorite were the Citrus Towelettes . . . 
 -Mark Campbell,
". . . . only a few steps my skin feels amazing!" 
"The products made my skin feel like I have a new face"
-Rashad McCants, Professional Basketball Player 
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- Larenz Tate
"....my Pops used it too, and he saw and felt a difference after a week!"
- Jay Ellis, Actor
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- Christian Keyes, actor
"Feels great!"
- Derek L. Anderson, Former NBA Champion/Author
"...love the cleanse and the sponge is awesome!"
- Shaun Brown
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- Dolvett Quince, Fitness Trainer @ Biggest Loser
"Love it!"
Shawn Suggs, Socialite
"Great cleanser, I saw an immediate difference."
- Michael Boatman, Actor
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- Timothy Snell, The Latifah Show
" Cole Skincare for Men products works for me way better than Nivea Men's products"
- Anton
"These pads are the bomb, they work so well to clean a man's face and bald head after shaving. I use them on Dwayne every day now"
- Barber/Groomer Rachel Solow (Mint Facial Towelettes)
"I can tell a big difference just after the first use, I really like the product."
- Ron Harris
"I've been using the 3-In-1 Foaming Cleanser for the past 4 months. It's the TRUTH! It helps make shaving ultra smooth as well."
- Trey Haley, Filmmaker
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- Michael Dotter
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- Mr. Winfrey
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- Etienne
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- Semone
"It's amazing when used with the charcoal sponge; I had an ingrown hair and noticed after a few days it was gone."
- Mike
"The cleanser is great. I noticed a difference in less than a week."
- D Livinston
"I know it's specifically for men but I had to try it and I must say I'm hooked! It's very hydrating!"
- Angela
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- Former NFL Player
"I was using regular lotion on my face, I began to notice a lot of clogged pores but since using the Moisture Balm my pores are more refined and my face looks a lot better."
- Jack
"Genetically, I've always had pretty decent skin but since I've started using the 3-in-1 cleanser & the moisture balm, I instantly saw a big improvement in my skin's complexion."
- Steve
"After using the Moisture Balm everyone kept asking me what I was using on my skin.  I love it!  After one use I can see a difference in my skin, it is very hydrating."
- Nadyne Hicks
"The moisture balm feels great! It's hydrating and I noticed my skin isn't as oily."
- Byron
"The Moisture Balm is great, especially for long days on set.  And they smell so great my wife likes to steal them"
- Bret Slater, Producer