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Cole Skincare offers 2 cleansing options the Multi Action Cleansing Foamand the Deep Cleansing Face Pads.  Both options are highly effective and designed to provide you with an all in one formulation with ALL the capabilities of cleansing, exfoliating, toning, and hydrating.  I've created the ALL IN ONE solution to offer maximum benefits with minimum steps which you'll experience with both cleansers.  Although the functionality of each cleanser works differently; the results seen with both are undeniable.

The cleansers are tailored for your skin and designed to cater to your lifestyle. It's all a matter of preference.   

Our signature product the Multi Action Cleansing Foam actively cleanses, exfoliates, & hydrates the skin without stripping the skin of its natural pH.  Here's what you'll experience with the Multi Action Cleansing Foam:

  1. Regulates Oil Production,
  2. Normalizes and Manages Skin's Health
  3. Controls Shine
  4. Removes Layers of Dead Skin Cells
  5. Prevent Ingrown Hairs, Fade Blemishes
  6. Eliminates Breakouts
  7. Draws Out Blackheads
  8. Reduces  Inflammation & Redness
  9. Boost Skin Tone & Brighten Skin's Complexion. 

BONUS Multi-Action Cleansing Foam is great to shave with following up with The Dual Purpose Hydrating Gel as you Hydrator + Aftershave

Thecustomized Deep Cleansing Face Pads effectively wipes away embedded dead skin, dirt, dehydration, and debris. The  built in multi purposeful moisturizing cleansing solution is formulated with enzymes to rid of rough & dull skin for smoother and softer skin.  Here's what you'll experience with the Deep Cleansing Face Pads:Instantly Replenish Hydration, Helps Diminish Hyper-pigmenation, Fade Away Dark Spots, Slough Off Flakiness & Dead Skin. Improves Skin Texture + Tone, Enhances Skin's Appearance + Complexion,  Calms + Heal Skin Sensitivity,  Anti-Aging Properties for Firming + Tightening. It's never too early or too late to start using skincare products or implementing a skincare regimen that fits your lifestyle.  Cole Skincare for Men is formulated for Black Men to address both  corrective skincare and preventative skincare.  Being proactive in choosing the right products is most important to satisfying the needs for your skin to optimize your results.  

"Your skin is the body's largest organ covering you from head to toe.  The Skin is constantly under pressure to function and protect us.  When the body is under attack our skin is an indicator of imbalances, trauma, or irregularities. 
Don't Skip on Your Skin Care be proactive not reactive."  

Skin Care  is Self Care

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