A Deep Dive Into Skin Care for Black Men

Skin Care for Black Men

Not knowing what to use on your skin can cause major problems. 

With so many options available it's hard to know exactly what to use yet has a deeper understanding of what product ingredients work best for your skin type and condition will help point you in the right direction.  

Being sold the wrong products due to inexperienced sales representatives or just not knowing what's best for your skin can cause you time and money.  

That being said, every product in the aisle may not be fit for your skin and may actually cause more problems. 

Understanding more about your skin and having a little insight into ingredients can help you make wiser decisions to meet your needs.    

With that being said every product is not formulated for specific issues and concerns black men face with their skin.  However, having a better understanding of what those problems, issues, and concerns are will give you more insight.  

This guide will take you from understanding why so many products are marketing to black men, you avoid going down the wrong aisle and choosing products that don't work for your skin type or condition.    

Why Black-Owned Skincare Brands Are On the Rise? 

According to Forbes black people are the second largest consumer group in America.  Yet, when it comes to black men companies lack confidence and overlook the need to segment black men exclusively from other genders or race groups.  Although black-owned skincare brands are on the rise most skincare products are marketed to black women because they drive more profit for the business than black men.   For many years, skincare has been related to femininity; focusing on marketing to women only in the beauty industry or only caring for nonblack skin types, leaving black men on hold for a long time.  I would say purposefully forgotten until now darker skin tones, more specifically skincare for black men was not a considerable market.  

For a long time, black men have been curious about taking care of their skin, but societal norms have discouraged them from expressing their concerns. In the past, striving for flawless skin was seen as unmanly and not worth the effort for black men. Unfortunately, this perception has been passed down through generations, leading many to believe that taking care of one's skin is a compromise to their masculinity. However, in today's world, black men are standing up for their right to prioritize their skincare needs, and the demand for products that cater to their unique needs is growing.

Do Black Men Care About the Health of Their Skin? 

Of course not, but aside from grooming a new haircut or fresh shave black men neglect their skin in general not caring much about their skin's appearance; unless it is focused on grooming.  But nothing could be further from the truth, because black men have always cared about their skin Generational Rituals of African American men came from their fathers and grandfathers. 

Until now, men of color didn't see images that represented them having to make the best of what was available.  The reality is major skincare companies hadn't considered having options for black men.  

African American culture is being embraced by major companies as they see men of color and black men in their campaigns to influence black men rather or not it was formulated with black men in mind.  Black men, who have found it more difficult to find suitable products for their skin type, texture, and tone because of this very reason.  Major skincare brands are shifting toward marketing to black men because the new niche of black men customers are in demand.   Black men are trending and their popularity is gaining attention but they are still having trouble finding solutions to help with their skin concerns.  Here's why? 

What are the most common skin particularities in black men? 

The problems found with male dark skin are due to the particular physiology of this type of skin; so, skincare for black men must focus on that. Melanocytes that produce melanin, a pigment responsible for the tone and characteristics of this type of skin, are abundant in dark-skinned. 

Melanin is what creates the pigment in the skin giving the skin its darker complexion. The pigment allows for the skin to appear thicker therefore it seems the darker skin tones are more resistant to environmental changes; which is not entirely true. This pigment can be altered by environmental conditions, by the sun, by lifestyle, and by biological differences between gender and race.  

In this sense, black men are most benefited by the pros of melanin.  However, there are black men who do not have the same luck; overactive oil glands, having blemishes, acne breakouts, blackheads and, the most common problem in black skin: hyper-pigmentation. 

Therefore, even black men who do not suffer from these problems, issues, or concerns could benefit from preventive skincare for black men, protective treatment, and preventative care to fight against premature aging and skin imbalances.  So, the question now is... 

Are there specific products for black men?

Beyond being specific to black men, today there is a wide variety of skin care products for black men.  Most skincare care products follow the basics such as cleansing, toning, and moisturizing. 

Yet, this may not be enough for black men due to their hormonal peculiarities, their specific skin condition, and even their lifestyle.  For example, some men may require specific formulations and/or ingredients to help control oils, while others may require skin protection due to their jobs or lifestyle.   

Therefore, it is not about buying all the products that openly claim they are formulated for black men or darker skin but knowing the ingredients and formulas that are suitable for the skin condition and skin type of black men in addition to the overall physicality of their skin.  

How to start implementing skincare in your routine as a black male? 

There is nothing more masculine than health care, and skincare is included in it; there is nothing more that amplifies the pride in the color of your skin than caring for the beautiful pigments that make up your skin's complexion.  The following steps are essential to achieve good skin health, in order to show the best you and embrace your masculinity in good health overall.  

Know your skin type 

Usually, dark skin is oily or combination, although there are always exceptions; but, if you are not sure what your skin type is please take the Skin Quiz or you can help yourself by answering these questions in order to get the perfect skincare products for black men: 

  • When I wash my face, is there always a shine present? 
  • Do I have to wipe my face often to remove oil?
  • If I wash my face frequently, it will not burn or itch?
  • Does my skin return to its place if I stretch it? 
  • Do I often have blemishes, acne, and dark spots? 

      Responding to the above can help you understand what's going on with your skin but it will not fully give you a solution to help better or prevent concerns you may have.  Situations happen more frequently; this could indicate you have oily, or a combination.  Otherwise, if you feel constant dryness, roughness, or itchiness; you could have drier skin.  For more questions or concerns please contact us 

      Learn about your skin conditions 

      Your skin types should not be confused with skin conditions, they are not the same, to get to "Know your Skin Type" many men with oily skin tend to have high sebum production; Oily skin is a skin type, and acne is a skin condition.  Generally, oily skin is a common problem amongst black men causing blackheads, breakouts, or blemishes.  While other men with oily skin have better luck; it all depends on a variety of things such as your genetics, lifestyle, and habits. 

      Learning about your skin condition, whether you have acne, eczema, hyper-pigmentation, rosacea, or any other condition; is essential to select the skincare formulated for black skin that is right for you. 

      Your first products 

      Now that you know a little more about your skin type and conditions, you can have a look at the active ingredients and formulas that are recommended for your particular skin.  These are recommendations however please visit a licensed professional for help, here is a short guide for black men you should know: 

      • Neutral and mild cleansers regulate the production of sebum in oily skin. 
      • Niacinamide serums regulate sebum production.
      • Moisturizing gel for oily skin or cream for dry skin.
      • Serums with Azelaic acid to control hyperpigmentation.
      • Chemical exfoliants once a week to combat blemishes.
      • Hyaluronic acid and vitamin C serums to prevent premature aging. 

      You will see that skincare formulated for black skin should not be complicated and require a lot of time or many steps if it's formulated correctly.  Your skincare products should represent you and always cater to your skin and suit your lifestyle.  

      For black men, you must care to maintain the health of your skin to age gracefully; and perpetuate the unique tones nature and genetics have graced you with.   


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