Beyond The Basics: Skincare Products for Black Men

Beyond the Basics

Finding skincare products for black men is easy but looking for be an effective skincare system that offers more than the basics for black men is difficult task until now!   

Starting a basic skincare line can be easy as printing your name on private label but formulating a skincare system that goes beyond the basics requires passionate, dedication, and expertise.  Cole Patterson, skincare specialist, licensed professional & beauty educator is proud to stand in front her name and behind the brand with proven results.  A skincare line that's actually formulated by design for men using a methodical approach to customize ingredients to achieve optimum results.    

We are no private label, Cole is a signature brand that is tailored to address the needs skin concerns, issues, and problems.  Although the daily skincare routine for both men and women include cleanse, exfoliate, and moisture regularly to maintain healthy skin on a basic level.  However to manage skin health and promote skin wealth requires multifunctional, multi-purposeful & multi-task products to go beyond the basics.   

A skincare regimen should not included no more than 3 steps and should require less than 5 products.  Having more does not mean its better therefore to simplify steps quality over quantity is idea highlighted in my latest article “Simplifying Men’s Skincare.”  Effective skincare should be efficient providing less effort more results.  Proven skincare and a minimalist routine is the way to timeless results.   

A man’s skin rarely requires added moisture because the physiology of a man’s skin is usually oily due to hormones their body produces.  The higher amount of male hormone the more sebum is produced.  Due to their muscle mass, metabolism & an active life style a man looses water more rapidly therefore, hydration is extremely important to keep the skin ageless and the body feeling youthful. 

Cole Skincare for Men advanced formulation offers maximum benefits with minimum steps.  It’s simple and easy to use rather you choose to cleanse in the shower or in front of the sink either way our active ingredients are proven to work.  

Step 1:   All In One Cleansers


Product Option 1:  Multi-Action Cleansing Foam

Oily/Normal:   Wet hands then apply 1 pump of Multi-Action Cleansing Foam.  With damp hands rub the cleanser all over face and neck.  Rewet hands (DO NOT ADD MORE CLEANSER) & continue cleansing face using circulation to deeply cleanse.  Remove using with Luke warm towel (NOT HOT) then user cool water to remove access cleanser.  Gently pat face dry leaving it slightly damp but not wet.    

Normal/Dry:   For best results to rehydrate use Multi-Action Cleanser in the shower to allow the steam to open the pores.  With wet hands add 1 pump of cleanser apply all over face using circular motions to deeply cleanse & hydrate.  Remove cleanser by splashing water all over face leaving face slightly damped

 *May be used in the shower as well for the face & body*

Product Option 2:   Deep Cleansing Face Pads 

All Skin Types:  All in one skin solution for depleted, dehydrated & dull looking skin.  Use the Deep Cleansing Face Pads to wipe away embedded dirt, unclogged pores, & remove dead skin cells for a softer, smoother & more vibrant skin.  Improves skin’s complexion, texture and overall appearance.  No water & no towel needed just you and Cole Skincare for Men Deep Cleansing Face Pads.  

Step 2:   Skin Toners & Treatments 

Cleanse/Tone/Hydrate (pH Balance)

Product:  Facial Towelettes- Mint, Citrus, Lavender

Oily/Problematic:  Use Citrus Facial Towelettes helps combat acne, reduce the appearance of blemishes, decongest pores & kills bacteria.  Helps calm inflammation & get rid of ingrown hairs.  (Highly effective with AHA’s) 

Normal/Combination:  Use Mint Facial Towelettes to help minimize shine & wipe away access oils.  Improves the skin clarity and quality of skin’s appearance for a smoother and brighter complexion.  Great for an aftershave cleaning up to remove hair, prevents ingrown hairs & soothe the skin.   

All Skin Types:  Use Spa Blend Facial Towelettes to revive fatigue and tired looking skin.  Great for a gentle cleanse and toner after the gym and during travel to refresh, restore and rejuvenate the skin. 

 Step 3:   Hydrating Moisturizers 


Option 1 - Product:  Dual Purpose Hydrating Face Gel

All Skin Types:  After cleansing, toner and/or shaving apply Dual Hydrating Face Gel all over the face rubbing & pressing the gel into the skin to increase skin’s natural radiance, improve skin elasticity & restore the skin’s protective barrier against free radicals & pollutants.  For optimum skin health, external hydration is just as important as drinking water.  Check out my latest article "Hydration for Optimum Skin Health" 


Option 2-  Product:  Black or Gold Beard & Face Oil      

All Skin Types:  The Beard & Face Oil can be used together with the Dual Purpose Hydrating Face Gel or solo by itself as a Face & Beard oil encourages the skin to naturally welcome the oils to encourage skin hydration for better absorption to help improve the skin’s clarity & the quality of the skin’s appearance.  

For Beard:  Apply directly to the beard massaging oils into the beard in the direction of the hair growth and opposite of hair growth.  With your finger comb the beard back and forth to to open the hair follicle or pores to help the oils penetrate into the skin and soften the follicle to help strengthen the beard & reduce breakage.  

Each product focuses on reintroducing hydration into the skin as part of its system for skin health and wellness.  As we know hydration is essential to all living things and skin is a living organ and needs hydration to perform its functions regularly.  





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