Shaving Wonders: Cut to The Bare Truth

Shaving Wonders:  Cut to The Bare Truth

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Companies like Harry’s and Dollar Shave have made shopping for razors a lot more convenient for men with offering monthly subscriptions. In the past, men didn’t have much to choose from therefore they purchased trustworthy brands that led the market rather than for convenience.  Namely, brands such as Gillette gave men reassurance that their shaving experience would be the best a man could get.  Over 100 years ago, King Camp Gillette, a businessman pioneered the first brand of disposal safety razors.  Presently, the line up for safety razors are quite impressive but choices can be overwhelming ranging single, double and multi-blade razors.  Competitive brands such as Gillette, Bic and Schick have joined the shave club to offer men variations of safety razors like Harry’s and Dollar Shave, therefore, revolutionizing the way men shop for safety razors and the convenience of being delivered right to your doorstep.  

Finding a safety razor that fits you require a little more than joining a razor club.  Needless to say getting the best shave for your skin means investing in a state of the art tool that offers a variety of single blades that get the job done effectively.  According to the brand expert of Cole Skincare for Men and celebrity groomer Cole Patterson, single blades will preserve the skin and manage facial hairs to train the growth pattern.  In addition, single blade razor help reduces skin irritation, razor burn, ingrown hairs, and razor bumps.  Check out Dermascope Magazine article on shaving.

Disposal safety razors are great for traveling and a convenient way to save you time and money especially when joining subscription club, however, a state of the art safety razor is a much better investment for the skin.  To preserve youthful skin require more than a disposal safety razor.  Grooming Lounge list a variety of top selling safety razors to choose from.  What brand you choose is a matter of individual preference of style and comfortability for being able to hold, manage and maneuver the brand of safety razor you choose.  Great brands like Merkur, Mule, Edwin Jagger or Parker offer different styles like a closed comb to open comb safety razor, exposing more of the blade than the closed comb razor.

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