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  • Licorice Root

    March 07 2021 – Cole Patterson

    Benefits of Licorice Root

    Most people know licorice for its use in candies or its distinctive tastiness in tobacco. The level of sweetness found in licorice root is said to be long-lasting and at least 50 times sweeter than sugar. Although licorice is synonymous with sweetness, skin care professionals should go beyond flavor and examine its medicinal purposes. Licorice root has been used for centuries...

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  • Why Men Battle Oily Skin?

    February 09 2021 – Cole Patterson

    Why Men Battle Oily Skin?

    Men with oily skin battle a number of skin issues on a daily basis. The struggle of continuous shine, greasy skin and oil build-up is a constant fight for oily skin types.   Excess oil production and shine are obvious issues, but these clients often battle breakouts, enlarged pores and acne scars. Acne is aggravated by internal and external factors; therefore,...

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  • Hydration for Skin Health

    October 26 2020 – Cole Patterson

    Water Wellness: Hydration for Optimum Skin Health

    What is hydration? Hydration is the process that replaces body fluids through the absorption of water. To sustain hydration, it is imperative to drink enough water to replenish all body fluids to avoid dehydration. Water is beneficial to the health of skin and total body wellness. It helps the body’s organs, cells, and tissues function properly. According to scientists, the...

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  • Robert Riley, Brand Advocate

    October 25 2020 – Cole Patterson

    Simplifying Men's Skin Care Needs

    B y 2022, the men’s market is expected to hit $166 billion, as more men gain knowledge about caring for their skin beyond their shaving routine and a bar of soap.1 Market research shows men have jumped from the basics of skin care such as cleansers, toners and moisturizers to the treatment products such as masks, serums and sunscreens. It...

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  • Oily_Skin

    June 15 2019 – Cole Patterson

    Do you Suffer From Oily Skin?


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