Top 5 Skincare Tips for Black Men

Skincare Tips for Black Men

When I searched the internet looking for skin care tips crafted for black men and found a paucity of information.  While exploring tips to help black men with their skin, I stumbled upon a plethora of personal opinions about basic skincare instructions and not enough about maintaining the skin's health and effective skincare for black men in its entirety.  

Yes, you can scroll social media, search youtube, or google to access reviews, comments, and opinions from influencers, customers, and bloggers yet having no tips backed by experts or licensed professionals.   Although reading reviews and posting are great ways to gather information on product trends, the latest tools, and innovative techniques from a buyers perspective but it’s not enough.  Before trusting the opinions of inexperienced influencers and bias bloggers consulting a licensed professional specializing skincare to improve conditions and concerns  black men face with their skin.   

Having thousands of followers, views or subscribers are not justifiable skills as an expert or an authority on skin care topics such as reducing the signs of aging, managing oily skin, reducing ingrown hairs, and causes of hyperpigmentation.   To avoid being misguided or misinformed seek experienced licensed professionals in the field of aesthetics and dermatology to ask questions.

The first step is to know your skin type and understand your skin’s condition.  Let's take a deep dive to learn more about your skin. 

1.  Know Your Skin’s Condition   

Knowing what’s happening to your skin is extremely important.  Your skin type is predetermined by your genes such as normal, dry skin, combination skin, and oily skin.   Although skin types can influence certain skin conditions it is not the same.  The skin’s condition is influenced by external and internal factors such as climate, environmental exposure, diet, hormones, stress, lifestyle, and skin routine. 

Common Skin Conditions 

Aging is considered a skin condition as it is the natural process of aging which causes loose collagen.  Fine lines, wrinkles, and thinner skin are the conditions of aging.  

Sensitive is subject to redness, swelling, rashes, or itchiness.  Any of the four skin types can have conditions of sensitivity.  

  • Normal - healthy pH balance smooth texture of the skin 
  • Dry - usually lacks moisture, flaky and dull looking
  • Combination- dry areas and t-zone oilier 
  • Oily- excessive oils, shiny skin & prone to breakouts 

Acne is caused by bacteria it’s when the pores of the skin are blocked with oil and dead skin cells.   

Dermatitis can be atopic caused by internal skin or contact caused by external skin conditions. 

Hyperpigmentation dark spots, marks, and dark patches on the skin are caused by increased melanin.  

2.  Find the Right Products 

When it comes to men’s skincare it should be easy to use and uncomplicated.  It’s not easy to figure out what type of cleanser to use without trial and error.  Finding a cleanser for your skin type and the best for your skin condition is a great way to eliminate the hassle.  In order to choose wisely, you must get familiar with your skin type and understand the various skin conditions.  

The key to healthy skin and good skin health is using products that are the best fit for you and staying on top of your routine.  

3.  Drink Plenty of Water 

Both the skin and body need water to prevent dehydration and keep the body and skin functioning properly.   

Drinking water and staying hydrated is internally and externally beneficial promoting weight loss, helping you maintain regularity, and improving skin’s complexion.  

Dehydration is a major cause of most skin issues for example constipation is caused by a lack of water in the body to move waste along and flush out toxins therefore, elimination doesn’t occur naturally.  Because water helps aid digestion, lubricate joints, and moistens the tissues it’s essential to total body wellness and skin health.  Poor digestion is a major cause of most skin conditions and body illnesses.  So drink up and stay hydrated!  

4.  Lifestyle Adjustments 

Maintaining a balanced lifestyle is another effective way to maintain youthful skin.  Eating clean, resting, exercising, limiting alcohol, and smoking are lifestyle choices.    

Clean eating, you are what you eat!  Foods such as dairy, greasy, and processed foods that cause inflammation and imbalance should be avoided.  Hint:  Even some vegan options are unhealthy because it is processed.  

Make sure you are well-rested.  Sleep is extremely important to skin health because the body rejuvenates its energy both for the face and body.  Getting rest and making sure you get enough sleep is required to decrease the aging process.  During sleep collagen production is increased and accelerates skin cell turnover.  Being sleep-deprived can cause havoc to the skin’s health.  

Did you know exercise is good for the skin’s health?  Exercising offers so many great benefits for the skin increasing blood flow & circulation to nourish skin cells, carrying out toxins through sweat, plush out impurities, and relieving stress which causes rapid aging.  

Alcohol and smoking are some of the worst things to do to your body and skin however it’s the lifestyle some indulge in regularly.   If it’s possible I would advise limiting usage as much as you can.   However, I’m a realist so I would say if you have indulged in alcohol try to drink a glass of water between each drink and the next day water up to avoid dehydration.  

Smoking is a bad habit however, the culture of cigar smoke has become a social community and enjoyable for men.  The smoke bars, cigar lounges, and private clubs are enjoyable gatherings for men from all walks of life to network amongst peers.  Personally, I don’t mind cigar lounges there’s something quite manly about its existence.   Yet, my purpose for writing this article is to show you ways to adjust some lifestyle choices to maintain healthy skin.  

I understand the attraction to the cigar and cannabis lifestyle culture however I would like to suggest that you give your lungs a break with a herbal steam detox to drain mucus and relieve the lungs of tar. 

5.  Getting Facials  

Scheduling monthly facials at a day spa, medical spa, or skin clinic with a licensed professional who specializes in ethnic skin. Performing monthly will help manage overall skin health and prevent skin conditions.  I would advise not to jump into aggressive facial treatments such as peels, lasers, or microdermabrasion with an esthetician that isn’t familiar with darker skin tones or inexperienced with dealing with men's skin textures.  

For first-time visits, do not get any chemical treatments or upgrades just stick to the basics such as deep cleansing, exfoliant, steaming, facial massage, mask, and hydration or moisturizer.   

DIY treatments such as deep cleansing and using masks at home can be part of your skin regimen or an alternative to professional facials.  Using products that are highly active and include exfoliating properties regularly is a great start. 

The great thing about the internet is that it gives you access to master professionals like me. My expertise specializes in men’s skincare and grooming for black men having 5 proven tips to show you effective ways to maintain youthful and healthy skin.   To learn more about your skin please feel free to leave me a comment or email me directly at

Practicing good habits and managing your regimen is an effective way to maintain healthy skin.  This means taking the time to take care of your skin by using skincare products tailored for your skin type and condition regardless if you have no concerns and believe your skin is normal with no skin conditions to be treated you can benefit from the following a skincare regimen.



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