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Black Fathers

 Cole Skincare for Men Honoring Black Fathers

In honor of Father's Day Cole Skincare for Men highlight black fathers inclusive of black men father figures, friends and family in celebration of Father's day and Juneteenth Day.   As a black owned brand for black men, Cole Patterson hopes to bring positive images to the forefront for black fathers.  Aligning with dad influencers, media brands, black owned businesses, organizations, and non profits that support the efforts of black men to dismantle the stereotypes about black fathers.   Cole Skincare for Men launches "Man Enough" campaign to show appreciation for when black men lead as fathers or father figures by celebrating their being.   

 "As a black women I feel it is my purpose and duty to lend my voice to reach new heights on behalf of black men" 


In an effort to shift the narrative about black fathers and support Cole Skincare for Men  brand's messaging to celebrate men in honor of Father's Day founder Neferteri Plessy of Single Moms Planet joins us spread the word.  Although Single Moms Planet is a non profit aimed to empower single mothers, partnering with Cole Skincare for Men begins to merge the gap between men and women as co-parenting for a more healthy and respectful relationship. 

Cole was raised by a single mother growing up without her biological father actively involved but was surrounded by love, protection, and support of such father figures as her stepfather and uncles.  For this reason, Cole understands the balance black fathers offer their children when black men lead it brings balance to live a positive and prosperous life.  Knowing the importance of male presence in a child's life Cole sought a new vision to build a brand that care for black men, Cole Skincare for Men.

It's no surprise that systematic barriers prevent black fathers from fully being present for their children.   Such roadblocks, directly and indirectly, ejected black men from actively parenting their children thus resulting in fatherlessness.  Regardless of such hardships black men have been labeled as disproportionately absent from their children's lives.   To point things in the right direction for black men "the absence of black fathers myth has been laid to rest" (Pye).  

We must reclaim our stories and project positive imagery that continues to give hope to fatherhood in the black community that encourages and empowers black men in their commitment as a father.   Cole Skincare for Men rewrites the narrative to strike down the toxin images about black men neglecting fatherhood because    Black Men Matter in honor of father's day we shine the light on black fathers for the month of entire month June.  

As a black-owned brand, it is imperative that our brand's messaging is consistent with our purpose to help black men look their absolute best including in all areas of life, and highlight their strengths.  Cole Skincare for Men would like to highlight, a father, friend, and fighter  FloMaster our "Man Enough" feature.  Founding Fight Camp coach Jerry Randolph aka FloMaster is all about staying active.   FloMaster maintains the perfect balance for quality time with his two (2) children, Kai and Kira.  Highlighting black fathers interacting with their children is a visual representation we want to continue to capture.   FloMaster's dedication to his children is worthy of recognition as "Man Enough."  

Cole Skincare for Men "behind the scenes" with FloMaster coaching Kai boxing.  FloMaster takes the art seriously because he was bullied when he was younger therefore he spends a lot of time teaching his children martial arts to practice protection and discipline.   Flo's unique coaching style is untouchable and unlike no other, he brings his mastery in martial arts, innovative footwork, and joyful spirit to his training sessions.  "Flo is a phenomenal fitness coach, one of my closest friends, and a loyal supporter of Cole Skincare for Men but aside from that he is an amazing human being one could be so lucky to have him as a father or friend (Cole)."

Brand owner, Cole Patterson continues to seek innovative ways to bring forth a positive representation of black men and provide resources to increase the longevity of black men beyond skincare.  Cole's advocacy for health and wellness in the black community and for black men remains a goal of her brand.  She shares some of her stories on social media about caring for black men or may have stumbled upon of fee of her Instagram stories about working out with FloMaster and their rest period dance moves or choreographed cool down with dance.  Prior to the pandemic, FloMaster coordinated regular workout training sessions with the team Usher, Leslie, Binky, AJ, Sara, and Cole to keep us active and in touch.  Cole Skincare for Men and FloMaster welcome you to a life of abundant health by introducing ways for black men to gain access to valuable information to help them thrive. 

In honor of black fathers and the celebration of black men, nominate a father, father figure, uncle, brother, son, or grandfather "Man In Your Life" highlight for the month of June and a chance to win FREE Father's Day Gift valued at 200 +.  Follow the steps below for more information or questions please leave a comment or email us.  

Father's Day Gift for Black Fathers








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