Is Black Men's Skin Different?

August 23 2019 – Cole Patterson

Skincare for Black Men

All skincare is not made equal for black men.  Other than melanin black skin is no different from other skin tones.   Melanin gives the skin its pigment therefore, the darker the skin the more melanocytes the skin produces.  The skin appears thicker in texture because of its pigment seemingly black men require effective ingredients that are tailored to address the needs of a black man’s skin.  Although ethnicity, race, and tone the physiology of a man’s skin is the same the skin’s texture should be an important factor when choosing the right skincare for black men.  Needless to say, every man should cleanse, exfoliate, and moisturize daily to maintain healthy skin.  Considerably there might be a slightly different in a man’s skin texture depending on his skin type. Believe it or not, a man’s skin is thicker in texture yet his skin is more sensitive than a woman’s skin because of his daily shaving routine.  Due to his daily shaving regimen, a man needs a little more care to accommodate his shaving routine.   Regardless of the color of a man’s skin, his skincare regimen should consist of the basic steps to maintain healthy skin.  However, the formula for black men skin should be a little more than basic to properly care for his skin to see optimum results.    

What’s the best skincare for black men?  Due to hyperpigmentation, ingrown hairs, and oily skin black men need active ingredients that address their concerns.  Using advanced skincare products are more effective than basic products. 


Using a facial cleanser daily is a great way to maintain clean skin it washes away dirt, debris, and environmental pollutants.  Men find it easier to cleanse their skin while in the shower using soaps, body bars, or body washes because it's efficient however using products specifically for the face is ideal.   Finding the best products that understand the needs of a black man’s skin and that are more advanced is limited.   Of course, the basic cleanser will serve the purpose for most men yet for black men require a little more than basic cleansing to achieve the best results for their skin.   Foaming cleansers are great for all skin types especially oily skin because it helps minimize the production of oils and clogged pores due to over action oil glands.   For oilier skin, it is suggested to cleanse both day and night however over washing the skin can cause the skin to produce more oil, therefore, it’s important to pay close attention to your skin’s reaction.  It is important to stabilize the oil rather than drying out the oils of the skin. For combination or dry skin cleansing at night is suggested and using warm water in the morning and apply an oil-free hydrating gel for oily skin and an active moisturizer for dry skin.    


Some men may think there’s no need to use an exfoliating because shaving daily removes most of their dead skin cells however using exfoliating products to lift away access dirt and oils that may block pores causing blackheads,  gets rid of dead skin to encourage new skin.  Face scrubs are great however can be a little abrasive for newly shaved skin therefore, using an enzyme or natural chemical exfoliant is best.  Additionally using natural exfoliates or exfoliating cleansers serves as a better purpose due to its continuous benefits for the skin.  Scrub exfoliants are a good choice but it takes several rinses to remove the beads the residue often remains days however using a chemical exfoliating is better for black men.  Chemical exfoliates not only eats away dead skin cells it also helps with hyperpigmentation and prevents problematic skin caused by oily skin.  Some facial scrubs can be drying to the face and absorb the skin’s natural moisture.  


The final step in a basic skincare regimen is moisturizing.  Some may believe oily skin does not require moisturizers and I will agree due to the ingredients in most moisturizers.  Some of these ingredients may clog the pores, don’t penetrate the skin, or sit on the skin causing it to appear oilier.  The biggest problem that most skin especially black men lack hydration, not moisture.  Sebaceous glands, oil glands are in our bodies regardless if we’re oily or dry we all have them.  Our oil glands produce oil for oilier skin the glands are overactive due to diet, hormones, stress, or genetics.  Hydrating the body both inside and out will keep the skin youthful and resilient.  Dehydrated skin or superficially dehydrated skin is the most common issue seen with black men skin.  Gel moisturizers are extremely hydrating and work well as an aftershave.  Some moisturizers act as anti pollutants leaving the skin free of free radicals.  Lightweight lotions and oil-free moisturizers are a great alternative if the skin is considered dry.  Please note, skin can appear dry if its lacking water, meaning dehydrated skin additionally superficially dehydrated is skin that has a build-up of dead skin cells with a slight sheen of oil in the forehead area but feels tight.   

To take the guessing out of skincare choosing a multi-functional skincare product that caters to a man’s skin and tailored to his needs serves as an all in one option for men.  The best skincare for black men should be pure, natural and clean free of drying agents such as alcohol.  



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