The Best Beard Oils for Black Men:

The Best Beard Oils for Black Men


When choosing to grow a beard it’s crucial to keep in mind that there’s skin underneath the beard. The skin underneath the beard needs to be addressed  regularly with special skincare products that will not clog the pores or block the hair follicle.  Growing out your beard ca irritate the skin causing dryness, itchy and ingrown hairs.  The rough texture of facial hair can cause sensitivity to the skin because the coiled strands of hair grow longer than usual.  To avoid inflammation and reduce skin sensitivity our Dual Purpose Hydrating Face Gel for Men  is a great solution to inflammation and minimize sensitivity.   It’s hydrating agents deeply penetrate the skin to heal and repair the skin.    

Having clear skin and a tamed beard is one of the most important things when it comes to self-care.  Well-kept beards are just as respectable as a clean shave, but messy beards can be the biggest obstacle.  Having well-groomed facial hair is a matter of deciding what works best for your hair texture.  Although men's hair products are a visual sight in the bathroom for men, however, facial hair requires different hair products than your head.  Therefore, beard oils for black men are a staple necessity for the maintenance and management of black men's beards.  

There are a few things to address regarding facial hair, particularly for black men. One of those is that grooming Men’s curly hair is notoriously more difficult, as curved follicles can lead to ingrown hair and even cause infections.  The first, being grooming men's curly facial hairs is extremely difficult because curved/coiled hairs can lead to ingrown hairs and cause an infection called folliculitis.

Regardless of the kind of beard you have, finding what kind of beard oil is best for both your skin and beard is recommended.  Remember healthy skin is just as important as an impeccable beard if not more.  Finding which beard oils is the best for all skin types and hair textures have been solved with our Beard & Face Oil, a custom blend with high-grade carrier oils and essential oils.    

Every hair does not fit all.

Black men suffer the most from ingrown hair, as they tend to have thicker strands and curly or coiled hair texture.  With these two factors in the hair reverting back reentering into the skin causing an ingrown(s).   Another cause of ingrown hair or bumps underneath the skin is the hairs being trapped and pushed back due to excessive oils and layers of dead skin blocking the hair follicle.  

Our products help black men with concerns about ingrown hairs by preventing ingrown hairs and lessening hairs from being trapped underneath the skin causing boils or bumps.  Before applying any beard oils make sure your face and beard are thoroughly cleansed with the Multi-Action Cleansing Foam for deeply cleansing, removing dead skin cells, and softening the hair follicles.  

What should you look for in beard oil?

The purpose of beard oils is to keep the beard hydrated.  Naturally, while facial hairs are growing itchy, roughness and skin irritation may occur due to the coarseness of the hairs which can damage the skin.  Black men's hair tends to be much dryer than most men thus feeling rough and brittle which can damage the hair causing breakage.   Therefore, choosing beard oils with natural moisturizing agents that are hydrating will help properly prevent brittleness and roughness.  The right product will reduce brittleness, enhance shine, and promote beard growth for a fuller beard.  

To avoid skin infection and ingrown hairs it's important to take care of your skin and beard in its entirety.  

What the right products can offer? 

Like beard oils, when you shop for skincare face wash be certain the ingredients, are multi-purposeful meaning will effectively cleanse the skin in its entirety including the facial hair.  Not all skincare face washes are formulated to multi-task however Cole Skincare for Men was created to cover all bases of skincare and grooming for black men.   It is highly recommended to cleanse underneath the beard as well as the surface to avoid clogging pores, ingrown hairs, and skin irritation. 

Choosing The Right Carrier Oils 

Beard oils are a blend of essential oils and carrier oils.  Both essential oils and carriers have unique properties and benefits for maintaining blemish-free skin and healthy beard growth.  Check out the Top 5 Best Beard Oil carriers for all skin types and any hair texture below:   

List of Carrier Oils

Almond Oil

Sweet Almond Oil is loaded with vitamins such as B-Complex, E, and A natural skin softer.  Rich in antioxidants good to prevent cell damage and protection from free radicals that cause damage to cells with emollient properties to soften and repair skin.  

Fatty acids found in sweet almonds oil keep the beard hydrated is easily penetrate the hair shaft providing nutrients to both the skin and hair for healthy skin and beard.  

*If you are allergic to nuts please avoid using nut base carriers*

Argan Oil 

Argan oil is also loaded with a rich source of powerful antioxidants and anti-inflammatory to reduce skin irritation giving you some relief.  Similar to sweet almond oil, Argan oil is hydrating to benefit the skin and facial hairs. 

Argan oil improves moisture, reduces breakage, and prevents dryness because it has such a good source of nutrients it is a common carrier oil found in skincare products and hair care products.   

Amla Oil 

Amla oil is a fruit oil extracted from "Indian gooseberry" rich in Vitamin C, E, and antioxidants with nourishing properties for the hair and skin.  The nut-free oil helps strengthen hair follicles, prevent baldness, and promotes hair pigmentation to reduce graying.  

Amla oil can be mixed with other carrier oils such as grape seed oil and commonly coconut oil.  Similar to coconut oil, grape see oils are used for culinary uses yet, unlike coconut oil: grape seed oil is non-comedgenic meaning it will not clog the pore,  However coconut can be used regularly unlike Amla oil which is not recommended for everyday application.  

Copra Oil

Coconut oil, also known as Copra oil, has powerful anti-fungal and antibacterial properties. It also serves as a preventative measure against infectious and dermatitis. 

Another effect of these properties is an increase in both the quality and density of facial hair, as it stimulates the levels of DHT and testosterone. These two hormones are vital components in healthy men’s hair growth, and facial hair is no exception.

 Jojoba Oil 

Jojoba oil mimics the sebum (oil) naturally produced by the skin and hair and is one of the more stable oils.  Jojoba oils help control and regulate natural sebum for those suffering from oily skin.  Providing the necessary minerals, vitamins, and anti-oxidants Jojoba oil offers amazing benefits essential to the skin's barrier and boosts hair growth.  

The moisturizing properties help condition the hair and skin giving a natural shine and softer beard for easy management for grooming and growth.   

Different Oils for Every Beard 

Your needs may vary from other men however prioritizing your skincare and grooming needs will set you apart and help you look your best.  Different oils carry various properties beneficial for all skin types and can be used on any beard texture. 

Selecting a beard oil can be overwhelming with so many beard influencers and enthusiasts selling low-grade oils because of the rising trend of black men with beards however considering your skin first will help you choose wisely when it comes to the perfect beard oil.   


When using oils to apply on the beard and skin use a brush or finger tips to gently stimulate to increase circulation for the pores to open.  After simulating the pores apply pure Argan or Jojoba oil are great options to reduce the itch jojoba oil is a great oils for the skin because it is similar to the natural oils of the skin. Argan oils softens the skin and anti-wrinkle oil.  Follow up with a warm or hot towel to help oils deeply penetrate the hair follicles and the skin. To manage the beard growth process Hemp seed oils is a great solution to helps strengthen and prevents facial hairs from becoming brittle. Balsam Oil used as an antiseptic cleanses the scalp and skin underneath the beard eliminating build up of dead skin cells. Although the above oils are great for both skin and beard treatments coconut oils serves so many benefits for the skin, hair and body. Coconut is the best moisturizing and hydrating on the planet.  Coconut and Jojoba oil mixed serves the beard, skin and body abundantly.  To find out more on Beards click here "All About Beards" 

Cole Skincare for Men Beard & Face Oils are curated with high therapeutic quality essential oils and a unique blend of carriers oils for the perfect richness and balance of intensifying notes to compliment the skin's natural oil and nourish the hair follicles to enhance the beard's shine and healthy skin.  The best beard oil should not only be based on smell yet a blended mixture caters to your grooming goals in its entirety.      

High-grade oils are organic plants and flowers processed under the right pressure and temperature to extract pure oils both consumable and mixed with carriers oil for its healing properties and therapeutic benefits.   Do not compromise for low-grade beard oils letting price be your determining factor because a blended mix of high-grade oils will cater to your body chemistry.  

For the best beard oils for black men, you no longer have to worry about trial and error.  Although we are not a beard oil company we are a skincare and grooming brand for black men in all areas of self-care.  Being that your beard is part of your face and growing out of your skin, I found it necessary to create a beard oil to satisfy the needs of a black man's beard without compromising the integrity of the skin.   To help you understand the importance of skincare my top list of carriers to guide you when deciding on your beard brand of choice. 

Stay tuned for a list of essential oils for DIY to inhale, diffuse, or mix to create your own beard oil.  



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